Friday, May 29, 2009

Random yumminess

I'm starting to get used to this gap toothed smile... The vintage hat was gifted to her by a neighbor, the scarf from freecycle,
and the vintage dress and gloves came from Great Grandma's.I was all for the gloves (there was a small box of them), but Princess also wanted to
bring home ALL of her "house" dresses. Yes, I let her bring them home for dress up.
She also brought home "Bridget", Great Grandma's stuffed poodle.
Years ago, there was a real life Bridget the black poodle, but even before she passed away,
Great Grandma had this stuffed dog sitting on her bed.She is in great shape, because to
the best of my knowledge, Princess was the only child in history to be allowed to play with her.She was upset when we first starting cleaning at Great Grandma's, because we thought Bridget
had been thrown out, but we soon found her inside a stack of blankets in a closet.
Having some of Great Grandma's things around her has really been a comfort to Princess since her death. No matter where we looked, we could not find the box of vintage aprons Great Grandma swore were still in the house (she had promised them to me almost 20 years ago,lol).
We figured they had been tossed, but my sister's good friend was helping her clean out and pack up, and found them in a box of old clothes in the basement bathroom. Princess was so happy!
I will post pics of the collection soon. Here one of them sits on a chair under the book I am currently reading (for my own enjoyment, and I am enjoying it!) and some lovely hand made yumminess from my good friend, Patrice

I had been wearing this apron while doing the dishes this week , so it's been sitting on this chair.
Notice how the middle of the needle book matches the fabric? That is why Princess took this picture. I am not sure why she left the book sitting there. The back is just as lovely.((BIG HUGS)) Patrice, opening the mail this week was such a treat!
Another treat in my day is coming into a room and finding Princess with her head buried in a book . She has been enjoying the new Fancy Nancy a great deal.
We moved her room around for the summer, and she has been enjoying the slightly more
"grown up" feel of it. I will post more pics soon..we are still weeding out toys and stuffed animals.
Have you hugged your cousin lately?
Princess loves when we baby sit Baby "X-man"..he is so yummy!!

Can you see those toes? I still can't believe I am a Great-Aunt..I mean,
I have always been a "Great" Aunt, but, wow..I could start to really feel old if I think about it long enough. ;-) I hope you all found some yumminess in your week.((BIG HUGS))KateinNJ


Toni said...

what amazing treasures to have of your loved one.

chanale said...

P's bedroom even looks like Fancy Nancy's! :) My Eliza loves the new FN book, too.

Tara said...

Lovin' the new bedroom and all the pink!!

My niece is fond of Fancy Nancy too :0)

Becky said...

Glad you found the poodle. Stuff like that is so special.

Cute cousin!

sarah said...

Wow, what a great, girly bedroom she has :-) I'm glad you found the aprons! And the poodle!

8)(8 said...

What a special memory of the black poodle for P, and great idea to let her take the clothes for dress up. The apron is very pretty as well as her grown-up room.

I think if we would of changed the diet gradually Ami might not have cared so much. Eliminating some things sounds like a good start.

Patricia said...

I became a "great" aunt at 21. Just thinking about it I could become a- whats next -great great aunt before I'm 40 OMG I feel old now. Ah, I don't even want to think about that happening.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh, that baby is too cute for words : )

I love Fancy Nancy! She just delights me to no end!

I am sorry for your loss. I think Grandmothers are such special women.

Cher Mere said...

her bed is beautiful.

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