Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Tuesday Book Post in the Garden State

Just a quick look at a few books from our library shelf...

Princess could not resist the cover art on this one.
I found it a timely tale for us, as she has been straining
against our parenting a bit of late. "I'm a big girl now!"
is heard often as we warn her of this danger or that.
Little Otter is no different, and as he tries out his big Otter freedom,
he realizes after a near escape from a cougar (with some help from Mom and Dad) that
He needs his family - no matter how big
he grows.
Fishing with Granddad is not a possibility for Princess,
Farmer Dad's Pop died long before she was born, and my father
suffers from Emphysema far too severe to take her fishing.
This story was so sweet though, well worth a read..even if it made
us just a touch melancholy. A girl named Sara, goes with her Granddad
to fish out on the lake, to discover spending time with Granddad
just may be the best catch of all!The illustrations have a homey "vintage feel"
that I just adored.

We are asked to imagine a bright yellow balloon is sailing over many different landscapes,
both real and imagined all over the world.Through many time periods,world's both natural and supernatural.We enjoyed finding objects in the illustrations.
There are no words, and although I am not a fan of that myself, Princess is.
This is a nice example of the genre.

You would only need to see Princess upon awakening to know why I picked this book. ;-)Like Franny, she has long frizzy hair, and people are always suggesting a hair cut (by people, I mean Farmer Dad). She will not do it.Unless you leave her alone with the scissors, and she snips out a bit herself.In this story, Franny
is taken to get her hair "done" at the hairdresser for a family reunion.
The man does not know what else to do with it, so he piles it all on top of her head,
kind of like a bird's nest..at least that is what a little brown bird thinks when they leave the shop. Her sister goes from embarrassed to proud as Franny becomes the main (or should that be mane?) attraction of the reunion. Very cute, and delightful illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.
I hope you have found something good to read from our list, or at your own local library.
I will have some exciting news soon for some fun summer fun...I do hope you will join us, here in our little corner of the Garden State. ((BIG HUGS))KateinNJ


Cher Mere said...

those all look like they have great illustrations too.

Tara said...

I love the cover on the otter book - it would have grabbed me as well.

The Yellow Balloon looks interesting - Owen enjoys wordless books.

Thanks for the recommendations!!

Wendy Hawksley said...

Once the movers have come and gone, I plan to get back to weekly library visits.

Your selections inspire me!!!

Alycia in Va. said...

You always find such nice books. I'm looking forward to getting back into our library once school lets out. It's hard to find new gems when you pre-order everything online.

Chawksgirl4ever said...

just added the otter book to my library holds list thank you it looks so cute,and we are having the same issue with katarina with parenting. Can't wait to find out what the exciting news is!

Jenny said...

I can't resist the cover on the Otter book either! And CJ loves detailed picture books like the one with the yellow balloon, so I hope our library has that one.

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