Monday, June 1, 2009

June Plans

Wondering what to do in June?
What will those nutty girls be celebrating in the Garden State?
As usual, I have come across some fun days to celebrate and learn about
for the month of June.There are some monthly observances,
June is Dairy Month,(to celebrate, we will be taking a little action to keep dairy farmers in business) Rose Month,Great Outdoors Month, Drive Safe Month,
National Fruit and Vegetable Month and Iced Tea Month.

Famous Birthdays? Check this out.

1st Donut Day,Oscar the Grouch's B-day

2ND Radio was patented in 1896 and I love my dentist day

3rd EGG Day
First US Space Walk

4Th Cheese Day
Henry Ford made his first operational car in 1896.

5THFirst Hot Air Balloon Flight By the Montgolfier brothers in 1783.
Birthday of Author Richard Scarry,born in 1919.

6 Th The first drive-in theater opened in Camden, New Jersey. (1933)

National Applesauce Cake Day
National YO-YO Day
7TH National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

8Th Frank L Wright's B-Day (1867)
9TH Donald Duck's B-Day(1934)

10TH Dutch colonists settle on Manhattan Island (1610) ,

Benjamin Franklin flies a kite in a lightening storm and discovers electricity. (1752)

11Th Jacques Cousteau's birth day

12Th Magic Day
13Th Weed Your Garden Day

14Th Flag Day

15TH Fly a Kite Day to celebrate Ben Franklin's Kite Experiment in 1752

16TH National Fudge Day

17TH Eat Your Vegetables Day,the Statue of Liberty arrived in NYC 1885

18TH National Picnic Day

19TH Juneteenth.

20Th National Bald Eagle Day

21st First Day of Summer!!

22ND US Department of Justice Established
23RDJohannes Gutenberg born 1400

National Pecan Sandies Day

First documented UFO sighting on this day.

25THEric Carle's Birthday

26TH Bicycle Patented in 1819, National Chocolate Pudding Day,

Toothbrush Invented 1498
27Th Captain Kangaroo's B-Day ,Orange Blossom Day

28Th Paul Bunyan Day

Our 25Th Anniversary
29Th Camera Day

30Th Meteor Day

I will also have some fun giveaways, and I will announce a fun summer plan,

so come on back to see me.(HUGS) KateinNJ


Tara said...

What a fun month you have planned. I need to get my stuff together and do some of that as well. For some reason I'm in procrastination mode. Thanks for the jump start!

chanale said...

My birthday is on national chocolate pudding day. I'll take that as a sign! ;-)

Becky said...

Fun. Fun. FUN!

Um... you don't do Father's Day?

LOL, love Oscar's bday.

Tara said...

Oh yes... I'll be celebrating ice cream day and Owen will be on for meteor discovery day!!

Great plan for June :0)

Angela said...

Thank you for inspiring such really is something that can be easily lost with so much focus on standards and requirements. Honey and I are having lunch today, and will follow suit!

Angela said...

Ive been put on a mission...HoneyGirl heard the acoustic of "Rainbow Connection" and wants to know where she can buy that CD!!! (she loves Muppets as a kidlet) Please let us know!

8)(8 said...

It looks like fun. Ami gets to go the dentist today.

Ami still enjoys Richard Scary's manner book because he respects kids and understands that kids don't like to be talked down to or made to feel bad for not knowing or forgetting. I'm paraphrasing but, that is basically her thoughts.

I guess were ahead this month with Ben, camping and donuts that's funny because it was unintentional. :)

Cher Mere said...

so many good days this month! I'll have to tell Zoe tomorrow about first space walk day.

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