Sunday, June 14, 2009

Got Milk?

If you have any interest in pouring an ice cold glass of milk
for your children, please pop over here and take action.
If you care about keeping Dairy Farms in the United States,
do the same.If not, feel free to ignore my maniacal urgings
and check out what we've been doing lately...Princess riding her bike in the garage
while we prepared for our yard sale.

Play date..dress updoll housewatching a movie, because it's raining again.And yes, the books in the background, are all my library books..Princess has a separate shelf for hers. Most of them have been read now, because it has been raining so much.((BIG HUGS))KateinNJ


sarah said...

That really is a shameful situation with the dairy farmers. What on earth is going on your with weird government that it would do things like that? Maybe the farmers should sell up and come to live here, where we have a thriving dairy industry and we're not so insane as to import things we have in abundance.

Tara said...

Our homeschool group meets in a town that has several dairy farms so I will be checking out your link for sure.

LOVE the leopard rain boots Princess :0)

Anonymous said...

I signed that petition when you mentioned it last time. It is really scary to consider how our food is getting so mixed up. I always think that whole foods are best but then this makes it more difficult to access what is truly whole.

Hope your yard sale went well.

Rain is good. Believe it or not we haven't had rain in three weeks. I've had to water the garden almost everyday.

Carrie said...

We love the library! I usually get a pile like that, but managed to owe a lot of money last time, so we had to rein it in a bit, LOL!

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Plato said...

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