Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KateinNJ'S Better late than never BOOK POST

The Great Fuzz Frenzy
Need a super cute and super fun picture book about Prairie Dogs?
If the answer is yes, I have found a good one for you, if not,
you should read it anyway..didn't I already tell you it was super cute and super fun?
What happens when something big,round, and fuzzy drops down into Prairie Dog town?
At first they are all scared, but one little Prairie dog gets close enough to investigate,
comes up with some fuzz stuck to his head, and what happens next, is an all out fuzz
frenzy!News of the fuzz travels to other prairie towns, and the dogs come, and see and
pick until the fuzz runs out.Fights break out, dogs wanting some fuzz, or more fuzz,
their peaceful town becomes a fuzz fiasco.They fight until they are too tired to fight anymore,
and when they wake up, the FUZZ IS GONE.Who took the fuzz? Well, you'll have to read the book if you want to know.;-) Fun,fun,fun.

Hugs on the wind

If your child has a Grandparent or another loved one who is travelling, or lives too far away

to see often, this book might be a nice comfort. Little Cottontail misses his Grandfather

who has travelled all the way across the great green meadow.As Mother Cottontail harvests

sweet red clover, and wild lettuces, they talk about what Grandfather misses about

Little Cottontail, his "snuggly hugs", and smiles...Little Cottontail decides to "send" his hugs

to Grandfather on the wind, and his smiles with the a delightful story filled with gentle watercolors that with soothe you both. Princess still really misses her Poppa, and because

of his ill health, doesn't get to see her Grandpa often either, so she enjoyed thinking about ways

to let him know she thinks of him.We read this in honor of Fathers Day I suppose, although

for my little Princess, every day is Fathers Day.

Are You Going To Be Good?

It is almost pajama time, but little Robert is not going to bed,

he is getting dressed up in his "going to a party" clothes to attend his Great Gran Sadie's

100Th Birthday party. His Mom,Dad and Big Sister all warn him to be good, and they practice their "please" and "thank yous" all during the drive.This story is adorable, giving you a child's eye view of all they have to go through and how they view our adult ideas of a "party".

Through out the evening, everyone admonishes Robert.."don't do that.."

the only one who enjoys his childlike enthusiasm is Great Gran Sadie, who kicks her shoes off

and dances with did make Princess a little sad that Great Grandma wouldn't make it to

"100", but she has high hopes for her Nana! So do we!!

Sorry this is so late, but I thought I set it up to post on Tuesday, and never came back to check it. I will be back Wednesday afternoon, with the BIG SUMMER NEWS...that I have been promising. ((hugs))KateinNJ


Jenny said...

These all look like good ones! Thanks for the good ideas, as usual. Can't wait to read about the news!

Cher Mere said...

who doesn't need a book about prairie dogs??

Mrs. Darling said...

Love this weeks book selections!

Gottfredsen said...

Well better late than never. Maybe I should take up that philosophy, LOL. Oh but guess what I did a post today. HAHAHA chat with you later.

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Plato said...

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