Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Books from the Library

Another Tuesday, another book post here
in our little corner of the Garden State.

The Great Texas Hamster Drive
An original Tall Tale
We loved this book, and think Amy Sue and her boys will like it too.
This original Tall Tale is about the daughter of Pecos Bill, who decides
she needs a pet just like all her brothers have.What kind of pet does she choose?
A hamster of course! Her father orders one from a catalog, only he decides two would be better,
and you can imagine how many they end up with when one of the two is discovered not to be
a Crockett or Bowie (after two of Texas's greatest heroes), but perhaps a Dinah.
A real fun read, of course we may be at the pet store buying ONE hamster this weekend.
Summer Beat
Great rhyming book about summer fun on the 4Th of July..we really enjoyed
seeing what Em and Joe were going to do next.
Makes me crave a burger and corn on the cob though....;-)
It also makes us crave all that summer fun, 3 legged races, water balloons....
so I have Princess sitting at the kitchen table to my right putting sticky notes
on all the activities she'd like to try this summer in these two books..

Wondering which ones she picked? Don't worry, we'll share them with you,
right here. Every week through out the summer.We hope you will all share your
favorite activities with us too.((hugs))KateinNJ


Mrs. Darling said...

Ahhh... I just love the summer books!

Tara said...

I can't wait to see the activities from The Kids Campfire Book!

This would come in handy when Owen and I go my sister's cottage in July.

Toni said...

the kids campfire book looks really interesting. can;t wait to see what you do from it. We do a lot of campfires int eh summer and would be up for something new and fun.

Gwenivere said...

The kids campfire book looks great! I'm going to have to look for that today.

Anonymous said...

The Great Texas Hamster Drive looks great. Bookmarked!

Don't you love coming up with book post titles. I just struggled with mine. ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh the library is my favorite place in town : ). Your books look fabulous! I love little readers!

Gwenivere said...

I'm so excited we found the kids campfire book at our library. Monkey is requesting an impromptu camping trip to do all the fun stuff in the book!

Cher Mere said...

I'm going to check and see if we can get that campfire book today at the library. thanks!

Jenny said...

Hamster Drive and Summer Beat look great- I have a feeling CJ will probably want a hamster though! :o)

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