Friday, June 5, 2009

Things we have been doing instead of blogging..

In between the rain, we have enjoyed some quiet time outside,

Singing to the animals... See the audience?

I'm sure there were others hidden from where I sat, but these two were enjoying the show.
Inside she serenaded the kitties..
Is it wrong to "force" your cat to cuddle?

I'm still not sure if he minds or not..don't feel too sorry for Pumpkin, he did get a "tea party" in
his honor later in the day...
I understand it was the "party of the year".

Princess did not eat on the floor

she helped make this grilled cheese sandwich.She also helped bring up the summer clothes,
and put away the winter clothes.We have a lot of clothes to sort through, too small,etc.
If we don't get it done this weekend, we will do it next week. We have been spending a lot of time
waiting for our fancy guppies to have their babies.Both ladies are "with fish", and the male
looks quite proud. We also got a bit of schooling in, learning about plants in the garden,
and we are getting ready to start a unit study on Sandy Hook. I am behind in my June plans,
but we have big plans for the summer and lots of fun to share.
Hopefully I will get more time to blog soon. ((Hugs))KateinNJ


Anonymous said...

P does look taller. I would think her clothes would be too small. ;)

I just wrote my "what I've been up to post." Whohoo, daddy's home and no more 24/7 parenting. He just took them to a family fun thing at the YMCA. I'm sitting here at 7pm, drinking coffee, eating chocolate and visiting.

I switched out the summer clothes this week. It looks like I have the kids covered for the summer. But they do need summer shoes. It's the one thing I can never find second hand.

Talk to you later.

Chawksgirl4ever said...

its not wrong to make a cat assured i do it all the time!they soon get over it and begin to love it! have a great weekend.missed you at the farm tonite

Cher Mere said...

oh my gosh I love the picture of pumpkin eating out of the tea cup!

Looks like a wonderful childhood, really!

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