Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Book, A Craft and a Plate with Kate

Welcome to the first official Homeschooling in the Garden State Summer Book Club!
We're calling it...A Book, A Craft, and a Plate with Kate.
This week the book we chose was Summertime.
The craft, making this Summer Book Club Scrapbook.
This is the front cover. I just put the supplies on the table, and Princess picked
what she wanted and used them as she wanted. I do not ever control the creative process.
That is just how I roll. Some children like to be shown how to do it, and so you may need to be more "hands on" if your child is like that, or is younger.Inside we put 3 hole punch paper so she can write about the book, and paste in photos
or draw pictures as she wants.The back cover..
We had these folders left over from when my nieces were in school, and the paper,
and stickers were all from Freecycle at one time or another. I love picking up raw supplies
like this for future crafty days. ;-)
The plate (or snack) were Popsicles we made like in the book..

Word to the Moms with younger children, make a couple up ahead of time

if you plan on doing this with your kids...sometimes they need instant gratification. ;-)

Doesn't it look yummy? That wasn't hard was it? Did you enjoy this book? I thought it was a nice way to start off our Summer Book Club, especially for

the younger set.Now that you have seen how it looked in our little corner
of the Garden State, care to link below, and show us how it looked
wherever you are? Be sure to check in with all the participants
to see what they got up to.Remember, this is about sharing ideas,
not competition. I hope you all participated this one way or another.
Remember, if you have a book you would like me to use in an upcoming week,
just tell me the title and author. I'll do my best.Come back this Friday for our
next selection..I'm working on something special. (If my use of Mr Linky does not work, please leave your link in the comments..I'll add them here myself)


Gottfredsen said...

Ok so I have totally not had a chance to do this yet. I am still waiting for it to arrive at my branch. I still plan on doing something with the boys. Hopefully I can show you this weekend.

Jenny said...

Oh, Kate- what a cool idea! We would love to have done this, but my library didn't have it at all! And it would be tough to order a book Friday and have the stuff done by Wed., so my posts may be a couple of days late. :o)
Can't wait to see what the next book is!

sarah haliwell said...

This is such a great idea. It looks like you had tons of fun.

Chele said...

Hi, Kate. We didn't get our book till today, but we got a chance to read it this evening and make orange juice popsicles. (We used a fruit shaped ice cube tray and toothpicks, and will enjoy them when we get home tomorrow from another field trip). We hope to make our journal tomorrow. We got home late from the botanic gardens, so I haven't had a chance to photograph anything or put up a blog post, but I will. Thanks for this fun project. Mikro liked the book, especially the bits about the beach, fireworks (he can't wait till July 4th) and looking at the night time sky.

Tara said...

What a nice welcome to summer.

The orange juice popsicles look good and I am happy to say, at last, the sun is OUT!!!!!

8)(8 said...

You jogged my memory that my mother use to make popsicles in Dixie Cups. Instead of a mold, that is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

You are, without question, a GENIUS! :>)

Chawksgirl4ever said...

waah! none of my local libraries had this book! maybe they will have the next one......

Angela said...

We made the popsicles out of pomegranite juice, in keeping in spirit with your club. Perfect after wisdom tooth surgery, BTW!

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