Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Elvis!

“Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do ‘em all together, I guess.” -Elvis in 1956, talking about his way of moving on stage.

Princess has a great fascination with Elvis.
I am not sure why, but she has even started calling
her guitar Elvis, but only when we are alone.
She will deny it if asked. She does, however, call her
guitar Elvis. She talks to it, in between songs. Is this odd?
We found a fun Elvis site with games and other fun stuff
for kids ,
including a virtual tour of Graceland, which has been added
to the list of "must visit" places for Princess. (Paris,Uncle Paulie's house in California,NewYork City and Uncle Alan's house in England and Mount Rushmore are already there).
We will start our day with some grits, and for lunch we will have some peanut butter
and banana sandwiches (for lunch)to celebrate as well
as some cake. Close enough to visit Graceland? They have some fun things planned
for the Birthday Celebration.
Events last all weekend!!!
I'll post pics later.


Gottfredsen said...

That is really cute that she calls her guitar Elvis. I'll share my little Elvis story with you. It is actually something that my mom has told me my entire life. When Elvis and Priscilla were first married they went to visit her grandparents that lived in Maine. It is actually the house just down at the end of my road. I guess that it was really hush hush. Nobody knew he was there until they left. So a little tidbit that not many people know.

zilla said...

Generally speaking, I'm so not an Elvis fan, but Graceland was always a fascination of mine, especially the Jungle Room, which is the source of my flippant fixation on animal prints. So, when MrZ offered, I took him up on a visit to Memphis and Graceland. My blogger profile pic is a self portrait, taken at the Peabody, in Memphis.

Best part of that trip was the Civil Rights museum.

Most awkward moment of that trip was asking an (African American) concierge at the Peabody for the public bus schedule, so we could go to an art exhibit I wanted to see. He said, "You don't want to take the bus, you want a cab." I said, "Really, the bus suits us fine." He said, "Well, I'm sorry I have no idea what the schedule is. I haven't had to take a bus in years."

We did take the bus, and it was really okay being the only two white people on it.

'Course, the best part of Memphis is the dry-rub BBQ ribs. And the grits. And the sweet potato fries!

Are you guys planning a soul food menu for February?

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Plato said...

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