Friday, January 16, 2009


If I have a least favorite day, it might be Friday.
I know, everyone loves Friday. I feel rushed on Friday.
Hurry to get things ready for the weekend.Food in the house?
Laundry done? Clean sheets? I spent most of Thursday down
in the basement trying to make order out of disorder.
I pulled all the bins out of the storage "room" and emptied them.
I re-sorted all of our clothes, summer/winter/etc I found my hats,
and gloves!!! I will do Princess's clothes today. I have many bins for her.
Clothes she will not fit into for a while. They need to be organized by size and season.
I used to have all my bins really well organized. Then I had P, the first year was fine..
she didn't change much (and her clothes were sooo small!) I need to pass on what no longer fits.
Put all that baby memorabilia into a scrapbook, or get rid of it!
I got a huge bag of stuff for the next "big shred", and put a bunch of papers into the recycling bin
that do not need to be shredded. Most of this should have been long gone ,I put it all in a box instead of deciding what needed to go where.I'm working on that. I have much more to do, and some school stuff as well today, and I need to be ready for Taco Night at our friend's house at 5.
I did get all my holiday decor sorted and put back inside the storage room, and I found some craft stuff that I thought I had accidentally tossed. I need to get order before Farmer Dad
gets involved. He has this habit of undoing what I just did and moving my boxes around
so that I have to start all over.It's not intentional, he THINKS he is helping. I have tons of things for the spring yard sale. I even cleaned and photographed a couple of items to post on CraigsList
this weekend. But there is still plenty more to do.We have way too much stuff!!!
Have a lovely Friday, and I promise to post some pics of what we've been doing before the weekend is over.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could come to your house and help you organize. I love doing that stuff. I think the worst part is right before the mess is back in order when everything is out and covering every surface. That is how it was the day I did the Rotate and Reduce. I could still do more pitching. What I could really use is a day in the house by myself.

I think dh is taking the kids to a model train exhibit this weekend so maybe I will have a few hours. And that's why I love Fridays. Another human is home to care for my busy fighting children. They are so much better for him.

Wendy Hawksley said...

Just as I agreed with you on loving Mondays, I also agree that Friday is my least favorite day. It is the last day of the week to get most things done. Ick.

I got everything outside the house done yesterday. But, still, Friday is the end of mine and Gavin's precious quiet time together; weekends mean that people are home and want to get together. Neighbors are all home, so base housing can be noisy and busy.

Maybe I'm strange for thinking this, but I much prefer my Monday through Friday week - time spent mostly hibernating with Gavin.

I like having housing to myself. Isn't that odd?

By the way, still envying you the snow!!!

Not a flake here in DE... Well, not of the lingering-snowy variety.

Wendy Hawksley said...

By the way, when you're done organizing (I'm about to do something similar here!), I have something for you at my blog.

Sara said...

I agree with you on the Monday/Friday thing. My main problem with Friday is that it is getting me closer to Sunday and I have to worry if I've done all the prep work for the church lessons.

It sounds like you got a lot done! That reminds me that I need to sort all the craft bins.

sarah p said...

Whew! I feel tired just reading that, and it's already Saturday here!

Mama Goose said...

he he he. They all seem to think they are helping. I had to laugh

Frankie said...

I have always liked Fridays, must be a carry over from my working days.

I read your post about organizing and I had a purely selfish thought: I'm so glad I'm done doing that. (Except to re-organize the tubs my DH moved, but that won't take long.)

If I lived close, I'd help. =)

8)(8 said...

What's up with that, my husband does that also?

8)(8 said...

What's up with that, my husband does that also?

Freakmom said...

I am relieved to find out it isn't just my husband.

Cher Mere said...

Great job! I did a lot of cleaning and organizing today. It makes me feel good.

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