Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did you stop by for a book idea?

OK, I just happen to have a couple of titles you may enjoy...
Wednesday is Hugging Day, so we picked up

HUG TIME from our library.
What a delightful book!It begins with
There once was a kitten so filled with love
He wanted to give the whole world a hug.
How could I not bring that home?This little kitten travels all over the world to hug the
everyone,and Princess's favorite part..when he gets home and snuggles
up with his own little girl.Purrr....
We really loved the gentle illustrations in this book, and so will
you. The author also has a website, and you can visit it here
http://muttscomics.com/index.asp for lots of fun stuff for kids to enjoy
like coloring pages, and fun ways they can help the environment.
We are also enjoying another book by Patrick McDonnell,
ART. Very nice book about a boy named Art, who loves making art.
Princess was really enjoying the " play" on words, and that the boy's
Mom puts all his work on the fridge, "cause Mom loves Art!"
This is a great book for those of you who perhaps have children
who don't think they can "do" art.

is another wonderful Eileen Spinelli book.
You know how we enjoy those around here!
Callie Cat loves to ice skate on the pond in her backyard.
She loves it more than chocolate cake, and more than her friends
understand. They convince her to enter an ice skating contest,
and put a lot of pressure on her to win. She must need to win,right?
They think she must feel awful when she doesn't win, but Callie realizes
that she doesn't feel awful, and she goes right back to enjoying skating in her
backyard pond.
Princess really enjoyed the message of this book,
that sometimes doing something you love is it's own reward!

What can I say? I took this book out more for Farmer Dad
than for Princess. He asks all winter long.. will spring ever come?
Just like this little mouse. I wish I could tell you gentle reader that
I answer him in the same gentle way this Mother Mouse does her little
mouse, but I am not his mother, and he is a soon to be 43 year old scientist,
not a little mouse! I won't type here what it is I tell him, this being a "family blog".
If your part of the country is still covered in snow and ice,
and the joys of winter have begun to wear off for your little mice,
do the whole house a favor, read this adorable story aloud.


Cher Mere said...

those books look very sweet.

Gottfredsen said...

Great books as usual. Goig to have to check on some at our library.

Alycia in Va. said...

We love Spinelli too. This would be a great read aloud after an ice skating party we have planned next week. Thanks for suggesting it.

Tara said...

As always... good picks! The Art book looks like it may find it's way on to our library list :0)

Sandra said...

Hug Time....that is one that I have to check out! Sound so cute!

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Plato said...

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