Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Books,bellyaches and Chinese New Year

Sorry it has taken me so long to get a book post going today.
We spent a lot more time last night reading about Australia's animals,
and trying to find a Platypus cookie cutter. We do have a kangaroo,
so we will be making that.Princess did not stay up too late (for her),
and was up at the crack of dawn again. Unfortunately, she woke up
with a "belly ache" and was experiencing quite a bit of nausea.
I think it was from "drinking" the tub water in her bath while
"being a Mermaid" last night, or the late night sandwich she just had to have
while I was making one for Farmer Dad's lunch. Either way, she is not feeling
well, and in fact is sleeping it off on the couch right now. No fever.
Puts a damper on our plans to study China a bit and Mozart today
for Chinese New Year and Mozart's B-Day.
I believe it is also chocolate cake day, so we were going to make a
chocolate cake for after dinner (Chinese Food is already ordered)
while listening to Mozart. I got a nice book called A Musical Picture Book
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from the library
which we were planning
on flipping through while we listened to the enclosed cd. The book is great
for older children, but a bit wordier than P is into at this time. Maybe if it were
about something like the Platypus (oops..sorry I digress).The cd included is lovely.

Play Mozart,Play is also a great book to enjoy today.Much more to Princess'sliking.
As usual, Peter Sis uses both facts and fancy to bring you into the world
of his subject. Did I mention his artwork?Great book!

For some reason Princess was not interested in taking out any
of the large and beautiful selection of Chinese New Year books
on display at our library. (Have I mentioned our HUGE Mandarin speaking population?)Normally she is all about all, or at least many things Chinese. She loves the people and the culture. (And the food!)But she chose instead, this lovely book by Huy Voun Lee.
A boy and his Mother go for a walk in winter and she writes Chinese characters in the snow for him to learn. It is a lovely intro to one of the oldest picture-languages in the world.
The paper cut art is wonderful.

Because we were also celebrating Australia Day yesterday, we have been
This is a funny book about a silly Koala Bear who says he can't eat cauliflower because
it brings him bad luck. I was hoping it would open Princess up to the "try it, you might like it"
thing. She has suddenly become a somewhat picky eater.We enjoyed a giggle or two at poor Mortimer's expense anyway.
That is all I have time to post now, Princess is waking up, and I must tend to her.
She is calling me to her side in a pile of flannel jammies and soft squishy pink blankets.
(Don't be too jealous S.P., your seasons will change soon and you can bundle back up and watch the storm clouds roll in too!)We will eventually get to our Chinese New Year crafts, and I will of
course post them here.


Gottfredsen said...

I hope that P feels better soon. Great books as usual. I can not wait to see your crafts for the chinese new year.

Nina said...

"enclosed CD" always makes my heart pitter patter. The Peter Sis book looks great too.

I love In the Snow. I should get it again from the library.

Hope P is feeling better by now. Bath water and a late night sandwich would make me have a tummy ache too.

I just told Cate that it is chocolate cake day and she has asked about it four times in the process of writing this comment.

Enjoy the Chinese! We celebrated Sunday at Chinese school and yesterday morning. We read a few books over the weekend and went for the our pre CNY haircuts.

sarah said...

I hope P feels better soon. Sometimes bellyaches just happen.

I'm afraid I can't feel jealous at your mention of flannel pjs and blankets - it just makes me feel hotter! ;-)

Cher Mere said...

I hope Princess is feeling better. And chocolate cake was had by all.

Wendy Hawksley said...

I hope P feels better. My son does the bath water-drinking thing too. Ick! I always comment that soap can't taste that good, but he does it...

We have to get to the library this week too. We are doing the book store on Friday or Saturday!

Tara said...

Sorry your mermaid in training is feeling under the weather ;(

We enjoyed Play Mozart, Play.

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Plato said...

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