Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Books! Books! Books!

Well, it is Tuesday right?

Here is a bit of what we are reading...

Princess has really been enjoying this math/science book!
This book is supposed to challenge kids 3-7 to think about numbers in creative ways.
It "played" right into our use of Monopoly Jr for math lately. How many ways can you
pay your $10 admission fee? 2 twos, 1 one, and 1 five or 2 fives..etc.We will be taking more of
his books out of the library this week. The little bits of scientific info about each "sea" creature
put it into P's favorite pile!
Princess has placed this on her "need my own copy" list.
We have only just started learning about the periodic table,
but she saw this book at the library, and wanted it. The interest
started from wanting to know why water was also called H2o.
We like the way it is set up and the funky illustrations.

for Nina......
Sam can't get to sleep without Fred, his dog.His big sister Stella tries to help.
They go looking for Fred, and ultimately find him asleep under Sam's quilt
on his bed.Everyone settles back down, and Sam still can't sleep..Fred is snoring.
Cute, funny, and delightful watercolors.

We have so many more books, but I have no more time today to blog about them.
It's time for our "maths"! ;-)


Forte said...

Awesome books! Grace's freind ( 11) brought home the periodic table one from school!?!?:) Grace loved the illustrations, given her love for drawing anime;)

reprehriestless warillever said...

Thank you for including Math and Chemistry titles. I am such a "words" person that I often forget to branch out into other areas that the kids may like (and that they should learn about).

Nina said...

Well, thank goodness you only had time to write about three boos, because I book marked all three. Thanks for the Sam suggestion.

The periodic table book looks like there are little asian kids on the cover and then I read the first line on the amazon page

""A rowdy bunch of rebels..." lol, my rebels are screaming this very moment. Must go...

Gottfredsen said...

That is a such a sweet picture of P and pumpkin at the top. Thanks for the book selections. I am going to check for a few at the library tonight.

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Plato said...

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