Saturday, January 24, 2009

Green Up Saturday

Sorry it's late, and the only tip I'm
offering today, is GET OUTSIDE!
Go on, I know it's probably too cold,
or's too hot(Sarah Patience), just get those
kiddies out into the fresh air, and for goodness
sake go with them. Not because they are unsafe
on their own, but,because you need the fresh air and sunshine too.
We drove down the shore today...

it was freezing down there. It was worth it.
We walked and found shells, and tried not to blow away.

Then we got back in the truck and went to lunch.

Did I mention it was freezing?

Did I mention it was worth it?


sarah said...

Ah, how much I wish I could ignore your advice. Really, really, it is too hot. But we are outdoors so often these days, swimming, climbing hills, walking, picnicking, flying kites ... ugh, its disgusting. The kid seems happy though.


Becky said...

Looks like fun. I love the ocean!

Angela said...

Oh! What fun! I love the beach on a winter's day!
Thanks for posting hte pics!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

OOHHHH It reminds me of the days I used to go down to the beach in the winter. Ahhhh the fresh air. I have to admit, I only sent the kids out yesterday.

Tara said...

It is refreshing to say the least- the sea air on your face and the wind in your hair!! These pics are making me miss the coast- Owen and I are overdue for a visit back home ;)

Cher Mere said...

the beach looks awesome. Unfortunately it is in the single digits here. It would just be painful.

8)(8 said...

I love the last photo. It looks like a great time. We hit the road and went a couple of weeks ago, but forgot the camera.

zilla said...

Today, here, it was only worth it getting the girls to school.

I'm lighting a fire and bunkering until this snap passes!

Homemade Happenings said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself even though you were freezing!

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all..we had so much fun and are planning to hit the road again soon.

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