Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Book Post

The Learning Umbrella asked....

What Kind of Reader Are You?
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Here are a few good books we have out from our library..

The Mysterious Package

Charlie and Frances love to play together, even when they
can't agree on what to play. One day a mysterious and ENORMOUS
package is delivered to their house.They spend hours imagining what
is inside the box...arguing about who the package is for.
They cannot open the box until Dad gets home. :-(
Upon Dad's arrival they are disappointed to learn the package
belongs to a neighbor, the package he ordered is much smaller.
They sure do have fun with what's inside !

Owl Moon
The watercolor illustrations were as lovely
as this story about a young girl and her father
who go owling late one night. Princess enjoys time
with her Dad, especially outside, so this story
really resonated with her.Wait until Farmer Dad
finds out he has to take her owling on a cold winter's
night. ;-)

One Mitten
This delightful book shows you what you can do
with just one mitten. This little girl sure has fun.
But then she finds her other mitten, under the
sleeping cat, and has even more fun.
I need a pair of mittens! :-(

Thank You Bear
You all know how we enjoy a good box around here,
and so does the little bear in this book.
One day he finds a little box,he thinks it is something
his friend mouse will really love. He sets out to deliver his gift,
and along the way he meets many nay sayers who don't think much
of his awesome gift. He is sad, and then mouse comes along and is
just delighted.Having a friend who sees things as we do really can be the best gift!

Now go snuggle up with these, or some other books your children
are sure to love.Read to them today, and tomorrow, and, well you get the point. ;-)


Tara said...

I can't wait to take the quiz too :0)

Owl Moon is one of our favorites- I just scored some great books at our local Goodwill, and I'm on the hunt for more today at a used bookstore!!

Gottfredsen said...

See I am afraid to take the quiz. My reading is very one dimensional. One kids story after the next. Ahh The day that I can have time to pick up something that might challenge myself. Oh wait Sam and are reading Little women aloud. That counts right. :) LOL. Well anyways I love the book list, hope to find some at the library tonight.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Bear and One Mitten go onto my library list. One Mitten has been around for a while but somehow I keep missing it. That is one of the best things about book posts.

I'm not taking the quiz. I'm sure it would say I'm a complete loser. My reading habit has diminished not just from the kids but also all the time I spend blogging. But then again what how could I read with all the chaos errupting around me. Off to stop a fight. :)

Jenny said...

All of those look so good! I've seen Thank You Bear, but we've never checked it out. And I think CJ would really enjoy the Mysterious Package!

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Plato said...

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