Friday, October 5, 2007

Kindergarten Day 5

We had a lovely day on Thursday. We snuggled up and read in the morning
and in the afternoon we headed out to our 3-season porch for our lessons.
This is the closest thing to a "schoolroom" that we have here.
I have a huge chalkboard that I picked up from a friendly freecycler
and an old student desk from my niece. We inherited some old bookcases from
Poppa when he died (as well as all the art books that were on them) and we are using them for some
of our "school" things.We listened to "Wee Sing Halloween Songs" (from the library) and
worked on "patterns" using the chalkboard and some foam beads on a baking pan I use for "school"
only. Then we had a "bounce break" then we read, then basketball, then we worked on hopping from
"sight word to sight word". I asked Princess at one point if she could use the word into in a sentence,
and she replied "I went into the library for more books." I just stared...didn't think she would know what I meant.
I was just getting bored saying the words over and over. (bad Momma moment)
So then she used all the words (just a handful) in a sentence after reading the letters and telling me the word.
Then we read some more.I have been trying to read the book on Halloween to her, but she keeps going,"Blah,blah,Celts,blah,blah,Romans....I want to hear a story...not this stuff".
So we moved on.She built with her blocks and colored in her Halloween Dora coloring book.
We listened to a book on tape as well while we wound up our day with a cup of tea and then Farmer Dad was home and they snuggled up to ooh and aah over the new Guitar Player catalog that came in the mail.
They went out to harvest tomatoes,peppers and figs and zinnias while I started dinner.
We ate by candlelight (Princess says it's like eating in a restaurant-lol) and then snuggled up for more board games and books ,later she made a "Halloween mask" for Farmer Dad because the one he wore last year was too scary for her.Then Princess and I started watching "The Little Princess" on cable.
She fell asleep before the sad part.


Daphne said...

What an awesome day! That chalkboard is fantastic, all the ones that get offered up on our freecycle are pretty tiny and don't hang... I'm holding out for one that hangs :)

Jenny said...

I love your schoolroom- having it on the three season porch gives it lots of natural light and makes it look so pretty. CJ LOVES the Wee Sing Halloween CD- we listen to it at least once a day!

reprehriestless warillever said...

That sounds like such a productive day.

We are getting a lot of use out of our chalkboard easel. I wasn't freecycle, but I picked it up for $2 at a yard sale.

Sara said...

I love your photos - especially of the "bounce break".

Mariposa said...

It sounded like a lovely day. The porch is lovely room and has nice light. I love your wooden trimmed blackboard.

Mrs. Darling said...

School room is so lovely. I know exactly what its like to have a kid say blah blah blah at the stories i read! LOl Tink wont let me even come close to reading about knights and castles and celts and all.

Angela said...

Uh oh! She sounds like Nature Girl does about history. Every day I hear the same thing: We can't make good choices about the future unless we know our past! (mimicing me). She does it, but never has seemed to find a love for history that Scout and I have!

Learning with O said...

I just love your school!

Kate in NJ said...

Hi Gals! Thank you all so very much!
Glad to hear I'm not alone with the sometimes unreceptive responses.
;-) To be fair to P, I should mention she sat through the book, once...
she just didn't care for it.
One of my many "over reaching-over teaching" moments.

nina said...

Sounds like another great day! Glad to hear that P isn't always cooperative. I find those non-fiction books are only good for at best one reading. I started color copying some of the more interesting pages and putting them up on our bulletin board. I copied the page about the Autumn Moon Festival from the Halloween book. (at least I think it was the Halloween book.)

Love the chalk board. You have a great Freecycle community.

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Plato said...

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