Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Homeschool Park Play Date

We were finally able to join some of our "Science Playgroup"
friends for a park play date.The five girls got along really well and
it was nice to spend time with Moms who are like minded.
We met at a park not too far away from us, and the girls played
on the swings etc and then we took a nature walk. Princess really enjoyed
crossing a stream via some large rocks.
We opened some seed pods to see what lurked inside
and the girls took turns singing and dancing for the Moms.
Princess was even cooperative when it was time to leave (very unusual)
and we stopped home for lunch before heading over to meet "Pumpkin".
It was a nice day. We celebrated after dinner by taking Princess to the library
for her very own library card! She was over the moon. She picked out some books
to take out and one of the librarians gave her a poster with "Ariel" on it that they received
with a book order that day.We played a "Little Bear" game on the computer and then headed home.
Today we will be watching our friends little boy for a bit again. Princess is enjoying "teaching" him
right now. It is rainy here, and we can only hope it rains in California soon as well.
Our thoughts are with all of you who are in the area or have friends and family there.


Learning with O said...

Another fun day!
Congrats to Princess on the library card:)

Brit said...

Gettting her own library card, what a cool day!
My parents are right in the middle of all those fires, we have been glued to the TV for news. I hope it rains too!

Kate in NJ said...

I forgot to mention all the "maths" we did in the little one can do 1+1=2 and 2+2+4 all the way up into the twenties...I'm not sure how...she was doing it all by herself and asking me to write them on the board.I'll have to write a post about it....;-)

nina said...

Oh, you are so lucky. Park days with like minded moms and kids who play together. I so wish I could find that.

Your day sounds wonderful. Happy Library Card day for P. Now you have one more account that you can use to place "reserves!" Our library has a 25 book limit.

nina said...

Just reading your comment. Way to go, P can add! She must be so proud.

Mrs. Darling said...

My kids have their own cards too. How they love them. What an exciting day for your daughter. Looks like she had fun at the park too.

The Koch Family said...

I'm so glad you found such a great group!

chanale said...

Great day! And a science playgroup sounds like so much fun.

I've been really hoping for rain in SoCal, too. The two biggest fires are now 10% contained, but there's still a long way to go, and rain sure would help a lot.

J said...

What a fun day! And a library card! My poor K doesn't get to use hers... I kept forgetting the due dates when we had stuff out on two cards :-( I just let her check out with mine now.

I like your Peace Primary button! I hadn't seen that before. Very nice.

Cher Mere said...

Having a homeschool science group sounds wonderful. Congratulations to Princess on her library card.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals!
The Science Playgroup has been fabulous for my little P, who calls herself "Science Girl" lol.
She is very proud of her library card!

amanda said...

Happy Library Card day! That's quite a step toward growing up. I'm glad to hear your homeschool group is going well.

I have to tell you this . . . last night I had a dream that Princess was one of nine children and you had a blog for each of them. That was my first "blog-related" dream!

Kate in NJ said...

One of nine...oh my!
Our house is so small...where would I put them all? I do like the multiple blog idea...of course I'm a slacker with just this
You have made my day already!

Heather said...

Congrats to P on getting her library card. It is such a great feeling for them. Gabe was so proud to get his this month to.

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