Friday, October 19, 2007

Kindergarten Day 11

Princess and I headed outside to play in the yard before the
cold rainy weather appeared. It was surprisingly warm.
We played on the swings and walked around looking for
anything still flowering and watched the chipmunks run around
then we came inside for some lunch and some art.
We read our book on Frida,
and Princess painted some paintings in a "similar" style.
She did not want me to photograph her finished pieces,
so I only have a shot of the beginning of one.
After she was done, she needed a bath, so we brought out the
bath paints and shaving cream and she painted in the tub.
She had such a good time, she wanted to make more art when
she got out, but decided to move on to collage work instead of paints.
I keep a plastic baggies filled with scraps (fabric,feathers,sequins,buttons etc)
that she can glue to paper or containers from the recycling bin.
We read some more and she decided she wanted "school work",
so we headed out to our "school room" and she matched her alphabet blocks to some
"flash card" type cards with words on them.We listened to some Halloween music
and read stories as well. Farmer Dad brought her outside to play some more while I showered
when he got home from work and then we played on the porch until it was time to make dinner.
Princess loves to set the table and help with dinner prep. Last night she helped make the salad.
We have taken to dimming the dining room light and lighting candles (like in a restaurant) while we eat.
After we were done, they played piano together and I went to the library.
I picked up some great books that I will blog about on Monday!
I came home to find them watching a Rutgers Football game on tv and we all watched while reading,
snacking and coloring for the rest of the night.Now I need to go wake her up so we can play Candyland
as promised before breakfast.
Have a good day!!


Angela said...

Looks like a fun day. I hate to admit that this week has not even come close to resembling our normal homeschool-far too many distraction ! Thanks for reminding me to get back to business next week!

Amber said...

WOW! You have been very busy with school! I feel like I have missed so much! I LOVE all the fun stuff you are doing together! Sorry it has taken me so long to check in. I hope to find a way to get more computer time in the next week or two.

chanale said...

Fun day! I especially like the Frida follow-up painting idea. :)

Brit said...

We loved the book "Frida". What a cute poncho she is wearing! I love the action shots of her running in the backyard.

Daphne said...

Seriously Kate... you're so productive you make some of us look bad! Gosh. We've been loving the halloween music too, if you haven't already you should run to your library and acquire/reserve the Wee-Sing Halloween. It's the "classic" songs that we all know and that P probably knows, but the lyrics are just tweeked a bit for Halloween! Soph loves it because she learned the words quickly, and just imagine - P has 2 years on Soph! She'll probably catch the "new" songs in a flash. Oh and they're very good for fingerplay and felt board play too :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Candyland before breakfast? What a dream for a kid.

I love all the painting you do. I need to start posting our arts and crafts again. I havent done that for awhile and I love looking at other peoples! :)

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Plato said...

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