Monday, October 1, 2007

We're back again and have more book suggestions..

The Frog Princess A Tlingit Legend from Alaska retold by Eric A. Kimmel and illustrated by Rosanne Litzinger
The daughter of the Tlingit village headman who rejects every suitor
who wants to marry her, sends one suitor away with the announcement that she would "sooner marry a frog from our lake". This is a captivating retelling of a Tlingit legend of a young maiden trying to find the place where she belongs.

LIGHTS FOR GITA by Rachna Gilmore and Illustrated by Alice Priestley
Is a lovely story about a young girl who is disappointed about the nasty turn the weather takes in her new home
on the night of Divali, a festival of lights which falls in October or November and is observed by Hindus all over the world.Princess really enjoyed the pretty pictures in this book and is very interested in celebrating Divali this year.

HENNY PENNY by Vivian French and illustrated by Sophie Windham
We are all pretty familiar with the tale of Henny Penny and her friends.
This version has a nice twist that makes for a good read.We really enjoyed the lively art
as well.

Frida by Jonah Winter and Illustrated by Ana Juan.
A book about how Mexican artist Frida Kahlo learned to paint and why her paintings are like no one
else's. The pictures are incredible!

Diego by Jeannette Winter with text by Jonah Winter (In English and Spanish)
is the story of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.The vibrant miniature paintings shows how his love for his country joined his passion for painting to make a powerful art that celebrates the Mexican people.
Princess really loves the artwork shown!

On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole was recommended by Nina a while ago, and my library
finally granted my request and ordered it. We were very excited to find it in our pile of "holds" last night!!
All three of us sat and read it together and boy did we enjoy it.We enjoy so many of his books and this one is no exception!

Follow the Dream the story of Christopher Columbus by Peter Sis
has some terrific pictures that take you into the 15Th century world of Christopher Columbus
giving us the artist's interpretation of the story in a simple way that I think Princess will understand.
We will save the "dark side" for when she is older.

Halloween written by Alice K. Flanagan and illustrated by Patrick Girouard is a
good book to teach about the Halloween customs. When did it begin,how did it get it's name,
things you might see on Halloween etc.
This might be a good book for those with children slightly frightened by Halloween.
I don't have one of those, but she loves Halloween, so I figured we could stand to learn about it
a bit more in depth now.

STOP DROP and ROLL by Margery Cuyler and Arthur Howard
is a Jessica worries book about fire safety.I think the funny pictures and simple story
will be a great way to start our fire safety chat around here.Fire Prevention Week is
October 7-13.Be sure to follow the link to the National Fire Protection Association for some great
tips and games.

Naturally, we have a bigger pile yet to be read. I will post about them as we read them.


Mariposa said...

Those are a couple of Ami's favorite artists. We have the Diego book, but a different Frida.

Daphne said...

I'm glad you had a good Halloween book recommendation, as of now Sophia "hates" Halloween. She doesn't understand why people think it is fun to scare other people. Perhaps if she new the background of it she would appreciate it a little more - or at least understand it a little better.

nina said...

We had the Halloween book from the library. It was a little too much information for Citcat this year. I really enjoy all all those Flanagan books. There is a good one for Chinese New Years. ;)

Glad you enjoyed On Meadowview Street. Gosh we loved it!

I bookmarked Lights for Gita. At least for me. Citcat doesn't seem to get this sort of stuff. I need to remember that P is older than her.

I have a review of two more Winter books to post this week. I'm really enjoying all her books.

The Frog Princess looks interesting. We are just starting to get into reading more complex fairy tales.

Heather said...

Well I wanted to let you know that I got my new list up and going. It is funny we have a couple of similar books this week. I have the frog Prince, and the Henny penny (different Author) I will definetly be checking out some of your others

Kate in NJ said...

Hi M- I ended up with both those books, when looking for a different book by the author. We were very happy to pick these up while we wait for the other to be returned.

D- I hope it helps. P has never been afraid of much, and Halloween's goulishness is enjoyable to her for some reason...(not me), but we have
"Halloween" themed books, but not one like this in our home library.

Nina- I think we had the Chinese New Year one out, but I will put it on my list for next year just in case.You know how P loves all things from China! :-)

H- I am always copying your lists for books we have "missed",lol.
Great minds think alike and all that ;-)

divinagrace said...

I have always wanted to read that Frida book. I think Tomie dePaola also did a book as well.

Your kindergarten looks so much fun!

chanale said...

We read On Meadowview Street at Nina's suggestion, too, but I had to buy a used copy since the library system had none. :/

I really want to check out Frida and Diego now.

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you mentioned On Meadowview Street- the last time i checked, our library didn't have it, but this time, they did! The Henny Penny book looks great, and CJ loves that story. I hope my library has the Diwali book, and I think I'll get Halloween book for myself!

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