Monday, October 22, 2007

Baking with my baby...

Farmer Dad had a vacation day today, and our day started
with Princess joining him in the front yard to rake leaves
and then we went out back to look for items to "paint with".
We hung out and read and played on the porch.
Because Princess loves to bake,today we baked cookies.
We also put a roll of dough in the freezer for future baking
days.It was all very quiet, very peaceful.
Then I'm online trying one more time to upload photos
when Farmer Dad comes out of our bedroom telling
Princess not to play with the phone anymore.
Fortunately,I asked what had happened.
He tells me that Princess accidentally called 911 while trying to use the
and he spoke to them when they called back and he walks away.
Good thing I asked, as I was in
my pajamas and I knew the police would be at our house shortly.
(This just happened to my girlfriend the day before in a nearby town.
Her daughter is only a little bit over a year old! )
As I pulled something with more coverage on, I looked out the window and saw
the police car pulling in our driveway. I opened the door as he came onto our porch,
and explained to him that everything was fine and that my 5 year old daughter had dialed 911 accidentally.
He was very nice and he just said hello to her and left, but I was freaking out.
Here are some pictures from our baking episode...didn't get one with the policeman.


Patience said...

Wow, I'm impressed they came to check.

We love baking. It really is so restful.

Mariposa said...

Oh my goodness, in regards to the phone call.

Ami loves to bake too, but she won't eat any of it. She is so picky. We bake, and give half to my sister.

Brit said...

Wicked Pickles posted this site, I thought it was a pretty good one for those with kids that love to cook and bake!

Brit said...
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nina said...

When I was young and single which was a very long time ago, I had a phone with a 911 button. My cat knocked the phone off the hook and hit the button. I was sleeping when the return call came. They must have thought I was crazy when I said my cat did it. :)

I hope P learned a good lesson from the experience.

I think I said this already today but you are so lucky that Farmer Dad took a vacation day. My dh never takes vacation days.

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Plato said...

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