Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Three Rs.....

Reading, (w)Riting, and (a)Rithmetic.Today we read Duck on a Bike by David Shannon
and then we wrote our own sequel together. It started out with me writing what Princess
told me to, but I was taking too long so she took over the pen and wrote it herself.
I even broke out the Scholastic Children's Dictionary to show her how to use it to
see if we spelled tractor correctly, and I thought I was adding this lesson quite smoothly
when Princess said "You know I don't need to learn all this right now, I just want to write my story".Point taken Princess.
After she wrote her story and read it to me (I sure couldn't have read it myself,lol)
she wanted to "do math".OK, I emptied the egg carton that holds her "play eggs"
and we used some puff cereal to count to 12. She enjoyed that, but wasn't interested in
eating them, so now she is putting them into an empty bread crumb container to "make an instrument".
She is counting them as she adds so is it still math?

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nina said...

Princess is such a clever girl. I can't believe she said that. Do you think she overheard you saying that to someone else.

We would never have been able to use puffed cereal for our counting and egg carton practice. (I think you might have suggested it to me.) Citcat would most certainly eat them. We are using big wooden beads and then stringing them after counting. Stringin 12 is a lot easier for her and more tolerable to me than the whole set 30.

Using the egg carton exercise has been enlightening. While Citcat can count with a one to one correspondence with up to 10 items spread out, she sort of falls apart when she tries to count them in the carton. We haven't had much success with it this week.

The whole idea of writing a squeal is so advanced and fabulous.

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Plato said...

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