Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday and more sensory ideas...

Princess decided she needed to do science today, so....
I asked her to come up with an idea for some science.
She came up with this:
she brought me a National Geographic Little Kids free sample
that came in the mail recently,open to a recipe for a science
experiment titled BLUE GOO.
She asked for a bowl and some baking soda,water and blue coloring.
I told her no problem,but I would give her the cornstarch it called for
instead of the baking soda.We then decided we would use red to make pink instead of blue.
The recipe for GOO 1 - 16OUNCE BOX OF CORNSTARCH


Mix it all together with your hands.

The goo hardens in your hands when you squish it and feels solid.
When you open your hands,the goo feels like a liquid.
Princess had a great time with this until her cousin, along with
her puppy stopped by to bring her a couple of journals.
We cleaned up and played with the puppy for a little while and then we found some
quinoa that was opened and in the back of our kitchen pantry, so we tossed it into the
sensory box (a new litter box that was used to store dvds in a cabinet).
Princess came up with many ways to play with this.


Angela, MotherCrone said...

This sure sounds like fun! I always love this sort of thing. Scout used to ask for me to make homemade slime almost every week for a year. I am obliging, but after a month he had to realize I didn't want slime on every surface of the house anymore! Love the indoor sensory table. Make sure to get another for outside in spring, as there is nothing quite like having a place to make your own MUD!

patience said...

We did this once and Kitty tolerated it as a science experiment, but really she hated the feel of it on her hands.

Off-topic, I wanted to tell you how beautiful Princess' reading nook is! And I really love her shelving. I always wanted that sort, so the child could see the book covers and be enticed.

nina said...

Citcat and my dh made slime a few weeks ago using cornstarch. I don't think it turned out as well as your recipe. I'm going to try it again. Love the rice box. The cat litter box is a fabulous idea. The sides are just tall enough. We are using a lid from a box of copy paper. Citcat has made quite a mess of it. Did Princess make a huge mess. The photos are great.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Angela, we have a sandbox that Princess likes to turn into a
"tide pool" with the addition of water and shells from the beach.

Patience, thanks for the comment on Princess's reading nook. I purchased the shelf from Sears online and I circulate the books so she has easier access to them.

Nina, Thanks as always for the comments, I highly recommend the new litter pan, it contains the mess quite nicely and cleans up easily.

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Plato said...

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