Monday, March 12, 2007

More Books on Monday!

These are some of the books we are reading this week:
Johnny Appleseed a Tall Tale Retold and Illustrated by Steven Kellogg *
Johnny Appleseed a Poem by Reeve Lindbergh with Paintings by Kathy Jakobsen
Johnny Appleseed by Rosemary & Stephen Vincent Benet and Illustrated by S.D.Schindler
Our Yard is Full of Birds by Anne Rockwell and Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell
You Read to Me ,I'll Read to You by Mary Ann Hoberman and Illustrated by Michael Emberley
*Out of the Johnny Appleseed books, this is our favorite.There will be many more books that Princess
will bring over for us to read to her, but these are the books I will encourage this week.
Some others we have been reading for fun are:
Jennifer'sRoom by Peter Uton
When You are Happy by Eileen Spinelli and Illustrated by Geraldo Valerio (Thanks Nina)
Shelley by Margie Palatini and Illustrated by Guy Francis
I hope you will enjoy these books with your children and be sure to let us know what books you have been
enjoying as well!
Now go Drop Everything And Read!!


nina said...

I have the library browser out to order books. :) I've not seen Jennifer's Room or Shelley. Our Yard is Full of Birds is waiting for me at the library. Thanks for the suggestion. Is Johnny Appleseed Day coming up? I look forward to moving on the American folktales some day. We read Puss in Boots yesterday. I don't know why it seemed more far fetched than Jack in the Beanstalk.

Kate in NJ said...

March 11th is Johnny Appleseed Day
(I believe it is the day he died).
Princess shares his b-day, so she had asked about who he was when his name came up, I wanted to make sure we "covered" him a bit this year.

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