Monday, March 5, 2007

Get out your library card....

I love to read! I love that my daughter loves to "read"!
Princess is getting closer and closer to reading every day.
There are many great children's books out there.
Some are old, some are new.One of the great joys of motherhood
for me has been finding something "new" in the "old" books while
sharing them with my daughter.I've decided to post some of our favorites
here every Monday. Please feel free to add some of your favorites in the
comments section!
Recently we found some fun picture books to read at our local library that we both enjoyed:

Read Anything Good Lately? By Susan Allen and Jane Lindaman Illustrated by Vicky Enright

The Web Files by Margie Palatini and Richard Egielski

Our Seasons by Grace Lin and Ranida T. McKneally

Cha Cha Chimps by Julia Durango Illustrated by Eleanore Taylor (thanks to Nina at Painted Rainbows and Chamomile Tea)

Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs?by CarmelaLaVignaCoyle Illustrated by Mike Gordon

Our Nest by Reeve Lindbergh Illustrated by Jill McElmurry

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nina said...

You know this just proves how big the market is for kids books. I didn't know Web Flies, Our Nest or Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs. I read Our Seasons. I love Grace Lin's illustrations and liked that she included a mix of races in the book. I found the text a little difficult to read aloud. We read a great book about Snow (I linked it on my most recent post). There is also books about Rain, Wind, Clouds. I thought the books explained the concepts better and the illustrations are charming.

I'm glad you liked Cha Cha Chimps-we loved it here. I liked Circle of Days by Reeve Lindbergh. I'm ordering all three that I said I didn't know. Great idea. I like the idea of featuring books every Monday. (well I would LOL)

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Plato said...

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