Friday, March 16, 2007

Still snow and freezing rain here.....

I was looking through some pictures of last year this time...we were digging in the flower beds
and washing the outside toys in sweatshirts.Makes it feel even colder today.
Princess is playing with her "coral reef " animals and I'm trying to tidy up the kitchen,
OK, I'm on the computer putting off cleaning up the kitchen.
I found this adorable picture of Princess sleeping at the end of St Patrick's Day
last year that I thought I would share.


nina said...

So cute. I too am standing in the kitchen avoiding what I must do. I need to gather all the bits to send off our taxes. My goal is to be finished before the post office closes at noon today. Wish me luck. Have a good weekend. We were lucky to miss this last snow storm.

Kate in NJ said...

Glad to hear you missed it, we have about a foot of ice to clear from our driveway.....but the backyard is very sparkly with the sun shining today!
Good luck with the tax paperwork.
This year we actually got ours done
early..usually I'm at the post office April 15th for the balloons and donuts,lol.I like to think of it as a party they throw in my honor(tax day is my b-day)LOL

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