Saturday, March 31, 2007

BooBoo Go Away!

My poor little Princess was running to the car to go to my Sister's
for a lunch date while Farmer Dad and I ran a few errands, when
she slid about 3 feet on the concrete....she skinned her knee
(which already had a huge bruise on it) in two places!!
We picked her up as she was saying she still wanted to go to
her Aunt Shell's, and she looked down to see all the blood..
and said "OK,I'll need to get that cleaned up first"
She cried, I wanted to cry,Farmer Dad looked like he wanted to
get a jack hammer and tear out all the concrete, we got her cleaned
and carried her out to the car to go...
What an ordeal! Poor little Princess. She lay on my Sister's bed
with the puppy until she recovered enough to go to lunch at her favorite Chinese
restaurant.We ran our errands and brought her home a treat.
She is fine of course.


Kelly Malloy said...

OW! I hate it when the kiddos get hurt!
Thank you for your comment at my site! Princess is adorable by the way!


nina said...

Poor thing. I hope she is feeling better today. It probably hurts to bend her knee. Use vitamin E oil on the wound. It really speeds healing.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals,
Believe it or not, she was
fine a few hours later, playing with the puppy
at my Sis's and bouncing all around.
It is healing really well now.

patience said...

Coming in extremely late to say sorry this happened to her, but isn't wonderful how they spring back so well?

Princess really does seem to be such a little sweetheart.

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