Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fly a Kite Day!

Today we are reading about, dreaming about (because it is unlikely the weather will cooperate here)
and drawing about flying a kite!
I have listed the books we are reading on the subject in my last post.
Princess loves kites. We have many from the very cheap dollar store variety to
the more expensive but just as likely not to work more than once type.
We will be making a couple of crafts as well.
The first is a picture of a Father and daughter flying a kite with shapes I cut out
(because Princess will not cut thin paper right now) for her to glue and decorate.
We cut out a kite shape from tissue paper to turn into a kite to hang on our front door
with some yarn for a tail.Right now Princess is coloring a picture we printed off
of dltk kids.com

with a poem on the bottom by Mark Sawyer:

A kite, a sky, and a good firm breeze,
And acres of ground away from trees,
And one hundred yards of clean,strong string-
O boy, O boy! I call that spring!

As always, I will post pictures as we get our crafts done.
So are you still reading this? Step away from your computer and GO FLY A KITE!!


nina said...

I like the poem. Citcat and my dh went out to fly a kite on Sunday but alas there was not enough wind. Isn't kite flying such a father daughter thing to do. Here's hoping you are able to fly a kite soon.

Kate in NJ said...

We did not have enough wind either,
but we'll keep trying.
Thanks for sending the nice weather
our way;-)

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Plato said...

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