Friday, March 9, 2007

Arts and crafts in the morning

Princess needed (that's what she said) to do a craft this morning. She asked me to draw a flower outline
for her to cut out.I did. She got her scissors out of her cabinet and cut it out and then asked for the markers
which are too high for her to reach and I gave them to her. She colored it and decided to send it to her friend
who is sick. I told her how to spell what she wanted to write on the back, and we mailed it to him.
We had some eggs for breakfast and she went to play with her Barbies and watch Dora.
I have been making my to do list for the day and now I feel like not doing anything.
We never got out of the house Yesterday as we were both not feeling up to it and napped
a bit on the couch together instead. Then we got up and painted. Princess loves to paint.
Farmer Dad was nice enough to bring home dinner so I didn't have to cook.
Must be why we love him.


Angela, MOtherCrone said...

There is nothing quite like crafts in the morning when you are that age. I remember how Girlie used to decide that 5 am was the perfect time, and then fall back asleep around 7am. It was the best snuggle time!

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I just wish Princess would fall back asleep some mornings.
We do always get snuggle time while we read. It is my favorite time of the day!

nina said...

Where does the motivation go to accomplish our to do lists. I sometimes start the day with motivation to accomplish a lot and then in an instant I don't want to do anything.

Watching Princess do crafts must be such a joy. It is funny to think of her "needing" to make a craft. It may be the start of a passion.

Kate in NJ said...

It is one of the great joys in my day,
when I'm not groaning over more clean up,lol.

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