Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sheep,Chicks,Bugs and Flowers....Spring

Today we are learning about Spring.
Princess asked to learn about sheep, and
although our library has books on sheep
that are nonfiction, they were taken out already,
so we have been reading some funny fiction instead.
Nancy Shaw has a funny series about sheep and we chose
Sheep in a Jeep and Sheep Take a Hike.
We also read a riddle book called Sheepish Riddles by Katy Hall
and Lisa Eisenberg with pictures by R.W. Alley
We started out our morning reading about Spring in
a book by Grace Lin and Ranida T. McKneally
called,Our Seasons. This afternoon we are reading
Waddle,Waddle,Quack,Quack by Barbara Anne Skalak and Illustrated by Sylvia Long
We started painting our parts of our daffodil craft this morning and hope it will dry enough
to put it together this afternoon. We also have some coloring pages from children's author,
Jan Brett's web site (there is a link on my side bar for it) and a sheep craft Princess has wanted to re-do since last spring.It is simply a picture of a lamb that she will glue cotton balls onto.
I will post more pictures as we get them done today.
We also covered Wonderful Worms by Linda Glaser and Loretta Krupinski and Jack's Garden by Henry Cole
and Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert.
I have too many craft ideas to go with these books and the season in general, so I will try to post a blog on just that tomorrow or Friday.
Please feel free to tell us what you'll be doing to celebrate Spring in the comments section.


Chrlane said...

Hey there. Nice blog, fellow HSer.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks! I tried to leave a message on your blog, but I'm not a "team member".I'd love to read more about your homeschooling efforts.

Chrlane said...

I have been having some trouble with my settings. I'll try and focus a bit on that now and then, too. :)

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My homeschool buddies and I are all posting pics of our "home schools" as part of our idea sharing.

Plato said...

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