Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Need a Good Picture Book?

I'm not sure how the weather is wherever you are, but here in
the Garden State, it is raining..again. (10 points if you are now hearing Supertramp)
The best way to salvage some joy out of our week, was to head to the library
and get some "fresh reads". Here are a couple of the books in our Library bag this week

Pulitzer Prize winning author, Alice Walker invites you to
see the world, and your place in it through new eyes.
The illustrations are happy and well worth picking this book up
alone, the poetry just makes you glad you did.
This book fits really well into our talking about creativity right now.

This story is about a little girl who can hear fire sirens from the fire station near her house at night.Even though it is dark, she imagines where they are going, and all the brave feats they are accomplishing. We hear them pass our house quite often as well, so I thought it a good choice to
use as we talked about International Firefighters Day
on the 4Th.
In honor of International Migratory Bird Day,which is the 9Th, we are reading

Luck The Story of a Sand hill Crane

This book tells the story of a young sand hill crane who is saved by a little girl, a starts the migration to Siberia .His parents use the rivers,mountains and lakes to guide their way, but Luck uses man-made objects, windmills, sunglasses, and a baby carriage to find his way. Luck and his parents use s special song to find one another, and soon thousands of other cranes join them. Princess especially loved the happy ending.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo,

The Rainbow Tulip

We enjoyed this lovely story about a Mexican-American girl finding her place in the world. The paintings in the book are wonderful and soft, and we liked that she didn't try to "blend in", choosing instead to enjoy the difference which her mother likens to lime sherbet, both sweet and sour.This was a great book for us, as my Princess finds it difficult to "fit in" as well.

Clara & Senor Frog

This story is about a girl who discovers she has the power to create magic with her paintbrush. With art work that evokes the very essence of Mexican art, and a character very like Diego Rivera, it was a lot of fun. It gave us something to talk about Mexico and art..both topics in our homeschool this month. Now we need to get the house ready for Cinco de Mayo tonight, which in our New Jersey home means TACOS!! Pretty much a once a week hit around here anyway. Princess has been using this site today as well. We printed these out too.


Jenny said...

We'll definitely be checking out the Firefighters book. CJ loves fire engines- when they're not making noise, that is. :o)

Tara said...

The sunshine has left us here... pouring rain all day.
Luck looks like an interesting read.

Good for you for remembering Cinco de Mayo-
enjoy the tacos!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is raining here as well. lol, isn't it always.

I'm ordering the Rainbow Tulip right now. It may go without saying but my girl and I don't fit in anywhere.


Mrs. Darling said...

Yep been pouring all day!

Kate in NJ said...

Is it awful that I am glad we're not the only ones dealing with rain? Thank you all for stopping by today.

sarah said...

Hmm, thank you for that switch to activate non-stop Supertramp in my head.


Hey hey, it's raining here too!!

8)(8 said...

We made sopapillas, though I must admit we forgot it was Cinco de Mayo. They are good with cinnamon or honey on top. They are also good as "bread" to put a taco on because they are similar to Navajo fry bread. Sopapillas originated in New Mexico, and common in Arizona and New Mexico.

8)(8 said...

Oh and the Rainbow Tulip book looks interesting.

Jenny said...

we're having terrible weather! There have been thunderstorms and tornados. Interestingly our outing this week was also to the library (and the chik-fil-a play area).

Have a great week!


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