Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Fun

We always have fun with Cinco de Mayo, some years we go out
to eat with friends, some years we have a Fiesta at our house for
friends, some years it is just the three of us. This year was just us..
not so much a Fiesta, as "taco night",lol. We have tacos every week here
in our corner of the Garden State. Farmer Dad loves, no, make that LOVES tacos! I make them with meat, and "fake" meat.They both prefer meat, I prefer "fake" meat.
I vary it, so they don't notice so much.
Either way, I "hide" veg inside the tacos. See the tacky packets of "hot sauce" from a greasy food chain? He HAS to have it on his tacos. I have made my own..not what he wants.
I pick my battles. ;-)
Princess helped set the table (I was going for the colors in the Mexican flag, she though very multi-colored was better for our Fiesta)

I let her just go for it when she helps set the table, I try not to say.."that doesn't go", or "not those napkins.." You might notice I give Farmer Dad a "platter" with his tacos made up, Princess gets the supplies for two tacos on her plate. I find I can get two meals out of the meat this way. He would cram the shell full of meat, he is not hungry after I make them, so I don't think he needs all that meat at one sitting. We're not getting any younger, so I try to watch his eating habits a bit more.Princess likes to "make her own", and will eat it all if I let her, if I make them, she just "picks". We had a nice dinner after a nice day spent watching Baby "X-man" for a little while. He had fun hanging out with his cousin Princess.He really likes when she sings to him.


Jenny said...

We love tacos too- we had "taco casserole" for Cinco de Mayo though. I like how you limit Farmer Dad's portions- I may have to try something like that myself. We're sure not getting any younger either!

Mrs. Darling said...

Yes, I use those same methods with Mr darling. I no longer set the serving dishes on the table either. If I do he will eat it all until its gone.

We never celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Im not sure why. We just never do! Half the time I forget it even exists.

Anonymous said...

Just reading your post. Si is sitting here as I try and keep him away from Cate and her friend from down the street. He is enjoying the photos of P but now the comment box is covering the photo of Baby Xman. He keeps saying I want baby.

Tacos sound good. :) Hope all is well today.

Tara said...

I really like the nifty taco holder.....

I had to laugh when you mentioned the tacky taco sauce pouches.... my husband is particular about things like that too :0)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals..Nina..bring him on over..we'll pick up X-man and they can giggle together!

Anonymous said...

your dinner looks so good and festive. and yes, what a nifty taco holder!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

looks like fun! love the taco holder :) i also love the way you celebrate....beautiful!

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