Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture Books

We are busy, busy, busy around here this week.
The garden and house work leaves us with little time
for any thing else, but we always take time out to read.
Princess has been enjoying these books

The Road to Mumbai
Shoba and her monkey,Fuzzy Patel,
decide to head to Mumbai to attend
a top secret monkey wedding.Princess enjoyed
the vivid paintings of all the magical things that
happened on the road to Mumbai.The illustrated
glossary of everyday Indian things and map of their route
in the back of the book opened up the possibility of a study of India.

This book is going on our "must own" list.
The charming watercolors capture the beauty and joy of
an earlier,simpler time. Emma is a ten year old girl who
goes to spend the summer with her Aunt Ada and Uncle Will
on their farm.She learns far more than how to milk a cow
and gather eggs, she learns how she wishes to spend her life.

This story is about a little dragon who has a hug for every occasion,
but when he gets mad at his Mama, he refuses to give her any more hugs.
"No hugs till Saturday!" he declares. Can Mama survive that long without a
hug? Can Felix? Very cute book for younger children, and their Mamas!

Petey wishes on a star, but instead of the dollar he hopes
for, he gets only a quarter.In fact, each child only gets a
fraction of their wish. They form the Wishing Club
to work together to get a whole wish.Now we are working
on the additional questions and activities in the back of the book.

If you liked Good Morning Sam, and Good Night Sam, you will LOVE
these next two books.

Stella, and her little brother Sam explore the wonders of the natural world
with a camp out.This would be a great book for the Great American Backyard Campout.We really enjoyed it.

Stella and Sam spend an afternoon looking
for fairies in the forest. Sam is a bit nervous, but
Stella has all the answers to his questions.

I hope you all find something you can enjoy reading with your little ones.


Gottfredsen said...

Great books. I love the No hugs one,it reminds me so much of Gabe. I am going to have to check out a few of the others to.

Tara said...

A Farm Of Her Own looks like a good one for Owen.... he's attracted to all things "farmy" now.

Yesterday we got Henny Penny at the library and he told the librarian we just HAD to read this since we have chickens now...LOL !

Mon said...

I love the sound of the Stella ones! Thanks for sharing these.

Sara said...

These look good - thanks for helping fill up my holds queue at the library. :)

Anonymous said...

A Farm of Her Own and A Road to Mumbai are going directly on my library hold list. I have room. ;)

Also, I placed A Farm of Her Own on my Ppaerbackswap wish list. I'm the only one. If it comes up I will have it sent to you. Are you doing paperbackswap. If not, you really should. I get lots of fabulous books through the system. I've been doing it for over 2 years and by now even my oldest wishes are met.

Have you started reading longer chapter books to P? THe author of A Farm of Her Own has written a couple of short chapter books that I like and could recommend.

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Plato said...

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