Friday, May 15, 2009

Lonely Only?

Princess is 6 and a half. I am considerably older than that. ;-)
I still get asked when we are going to "have another". Hmmm...
Does she look lonely or something? I don't think of her as lonely.
She does have friends, and she loves her friends, but if they are not around,
she plays by herself.She plays baseball.
She tosses the ball up in the air and hits it (most of the time) with the bat. Then she runs the bases. She swings on the swings by herself.
She plays in her room,reads books, sings songs..
makes herself a snack. Blows bubbles...Often all by herself.
She does like seeing her friends, and she asks
for them, but she also has fun on her own often.
Sometimes we play together.
We will continue to see our friends and relatives for play dates,
but we will not be having any more children.Really.
We are happy with the size of our family.
Really.So please, stop asking if we are having more.I have nothing against
families with more than one child,but... believe me when I tell you,
when it comes to children...we couldn't ask for anything more.


Mon said...

chuckle - I have a post in draft about this and more. We're beginning to get the same, and she's only just turned 1!

Tara said...

I remember getting those same comments. When I had some female issues and had to have a hysterectomy I was very blunt about responding to those comments. I don't hear them anymore. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd say she looks just fine! Much like my dd who is now 11. I remember laughing and asking someone "Why would you even ask me that?" politely. They had the grace to look embarrassed!
Enjoying your blog!


sarah said...

One good thing about being a solo mother is that no one asks me that question! I always get, "is she your only one?" though. That world "only" can be so heart-breaking. I wish people weren't such clods.

I'm glad P is so happy, she always looks it! A beautiful happy girl :-) Well done, you.

Becky said...

Funny thing, sometimes I come here and I'm a little jealous of your ONLY one. I think it would be so fulfilling to have a special relationship and be able to devote all your time to one.

Not that I would give up any of mine... I'm just sayin'...;-)

Wendy Hawksley said...

Ditto to your blog post!!!!!!!

Do we need or want another child to alleviate what they assume will be a lonely childhood for Gavin?

No and no.

Tara said...

I guess I have a convenient out for this question when people ask if we're having more kids....hubby has three daughters from a previous marriage and while they are nearly all grown now, he's still TIRED!!!

Owen essentially is an only child and I think he wouldn't trade it for the world.

patrice said...

Mmmmm. We too are so satisfied with the size of our family! I feel so happy that we were able to really get in touch with that, despite the external pressure! Even yesterday I got "only one?"
Kate, I pulled your name from the hat for the needle book I made. I'd love to get your address and send it off to you in New Jersey.
You can email me with it privately at

zilla said...

Sarah's right about people being clods.

There is great value in her having learned to entertain herself.

Princess lives such an enriched and enriching life. Lucky girl, blessed parents.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Kate, This post made me laugh so hard! When I was 28, I gave birth to Karissa. We had been married almost 4 years and she was an only child for 8 years. We didn't really have a plan, just didn't get pregnant again. When I turned 35, I told someone that I really did want to have another child and a month later realized that I was pregnant (not kidding!). Jenna was born after a difficult pregnancy and Karissa had a sister. The doctor said that would be it...24 months later, much to everyones surprise and shock, Brian was born. We loved having an only child and we love having the havoc of three kids. We just took what was offered to us I guess. I ♥ the way you parent and enjoy your Princess. That is what it is all about.
♥, Susan

Cher Mere said...

Awesome! Exactly! Thanks for writing this.

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Plato said...

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