Saturday, May 16, 2009

Green Up Saturday Post

Have you been missing my little

Green tips? I have several sitting

in "draft" form, but need to take photos

to show you what I'm talking about.

In the meantime, check this out

for lots of great information.

We are trying to get all of our garden plots up and running,

I am working on some projects around the house as well.

Getting a proper clothes line up. I currently use two folding racks,

and two portable closets with the covers off to hang my drying things

on hangers, but it makes blankets and such take forever (they must be folded)

to dry. I am trying to do without a clothes dryer. I am also moving the bedrooms

around for maximum air flow, and switching all the window coverings, bed coverings

and clothes around.It is finally feeling like warm is here to stay.

What are you doing to be a bit greener?


8)(8 said...

Your cleaning sounds really involved, with quite a bit of furniture moving.

i worked on Ami's room yesterday and today. Now it is clean with everything piled in the hall. Now I have to move to the other side of her suite and pile that clutter on top of that.

Becky said...

Your garden looks awesome. Someday I will have a garden but we need a major fence first.

sarah said...

It is winter here, as you know. It's rained all week. Which means we sometimes use our dryer more than I would like. But I tell you, after several years relying solely on a clothes line, a dryer is such a blessing in winter. I bought the most eco-friendly one I could find!

We stay as green as we can but are looking forward to changing radically when we move to a permanent address, somewhere to grow a kitchen garden.

Already, our eco footprint is tiny, I want it shrunk down to a toeprint!!

zilla said...

If you can't find one on Freecycle, which I know you'd rather do, those umbrella style clotheslines are for sure available at Home Depot; maybe at your local family-owned hardware, too?

Anyway, I have found that if I devote a day to blankets and no other laundry and start first thing in the morning, it's pretty easy to balance the arrangement on the umbrella-style line for maximum air circulation to decrease the drying time, even for thick cotton. It just takes a little planning and maybe an extra set of hands.

If you have room for rows of clothesline, though, it IS easier, and I'll just sit here and envy you :-)

My newest endeavor is training the family to toss kitchen waste into the bucket for composting rather than into the trash can. We hadn't been including kitchen scraps until I installed the new bin. The girls are adjusting quicker than MrZ & Beanpole because the girls' dad has become an enthusiastic composter as well. Really helps in a blended family when all homes are on the same page!

Cher Mere said...

Wow! You are doing a lot.

Well, I guess Pere will start riding his bike to work.

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