Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Plans

Here is some of what is going on in June,

June is National Rose Month and National Dairy Month

  1. Dinosaur Day, Oscar the Grouch B-Day, Donut Day (Cousin Steph's Baby Shower)
  2. I love my Dentist Day!
  3. Egg Day, 1st US Spacewalk 1965
  4. Socrates, Aesops B-Day, Cheese Day
  5. National Gingerbread Day, 1st Hot Air Balloon Flight, World Environment Day
  6. National YoYo Day, 1st Roller Coaster Opened
  7. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Daniel Boone Day
  8. National Jelly Filled Donut Day
  9. National Flag Week, Maurice Sendak's B-Day
  10. ????
  11. Jacques Coateau's B-Day
  12. National Peanut Butter Cookie Day,Magic Day
  13. National Lobster Day,National Juggling Day
  14. Flag Day
  15. Father's Day,Fly a Kite Day
  16. Fudge Day
  17. Iceland Independence Day
  18. International Picnic Day
  19. Juneteenth,Lou Gehrig's B-Day
  20. West Virginia Admission Day
  21. 1st Day of Summer!!
  22. US Dept. of Justice Established
  23. Typewriter invented
  24. Deaf & Blindness Awareness Week
  25. National Catfish Day, Eric Carle's B-Day, Virginia Became 10th State
  26. National Chocolate Pudding Day, Toothbrush invented
  27. National Orange Blossom Day, Helen Keller's B-Day
  28. Paul Bunyon's B-Day, Our 24th Anniversary!,National Camp Out!
  29. Camera Day
  30. Meteor Day
We have so many things we'd like to do this and sprucing up
the backyard swingset, gardening, cleaning up the basement,a yard sale,visiting
the newest splash park in our area,visiting local parks,picnics,bringing out the fire pit.
Eating outside, getting to know our neighbor's new baby. Art with our play group and our homeschool group..just hanging out with family and friends.
Naturally, sure as clockwork...we have another visitor to our yard this month...
blogger won't let me add his picture right now, but I'll get it posted later.

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