Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Organizationally challenged

...that's me. Or maybe, just maybe, Farmer Dad is correct,
and we have too much stuff for our little house.
The answer is unclear (to me) so I did the best I could,
and moved the abundance of stuff around.We moved the play kitchen
out of the kitchen and into the porch/schoolroom/3 season room.
I would like to sell it, but Princess is not ready for that.
We also moved the table and chairs into the living room.
We'll see how it all works for a while and then maybe move it some more.
I can live with the "stuff" she wants to keep for a bit longer.
We did discuss some of the stuff she is willing to part with, we'll be posting them on
Craig'sList this week. I try to get rid of something when we bring in something,
but it doesn't always work out. I indulge my Princess with toys from Freecycle,
when she is tired of them, we re-freecycle. If I find something good in the trash
or at a garage sale, we try to re-sell it when we're done with it (Farmer Dad will
tell you that's only so we can buy more). I love that her first thought when she wants
something is "can you find it for me on freecycle?" not "can we go to the store?"
Now there is room for the kitchen table we bought in the kitchen..
I still need to move a cabinet or two out of the kitchen, but I'm unsure where I should put them/it.
I have big dreams about how this will all pan out, but the reality is going to be with us for a while,
so I will not waste any more energy waiting. I will just do.
Sounds grown up..right?
I will get a new kitchen floor this is not too lofty a goal right? I don't want anything fancy,
some vinyl tiles...they are the same red as my table edging, which is why I had to have the table.
I would also like to rip out the soffits and remove the cabinet doors and paint the cabinets,
but we'll see. I do not need new cabinets, fancy counter tops and the like. I have found,
mine work fine. Would I like new? Maybe, but that is different isn't it? Do I like the idea of new so much that I would contribute to the landfill to get them? No. I really don't.
I would like to tear down the soffits to get that space to display my pitchers and such.
It felt good to make a bit of space and Princess and Farmer Dad played with her Lincoln Logs
most of the night. They started with this....and then ended with this.
Here is Pumpkin wondering why I moved "his" chair.
We did manage to do some "school" stuff this week, reading, spelling, maths...we baked brownies.


Gottfredsen said...

Oh I hear you on being organized challenged. I am constantly rearranging so we have more room. It is crazy.

Mrs. Darling said...

Freecycle? My ears stand straight out. I should go look at freecycle for some new toys for Peter. I ahdnt thought of that. Now I too will live a cluttered life. LOl But who can resist FREE!?

8)(8 said...

I can feel that way. I work hard at staying organized because otherwise I am not. I hide the mess in baskets and plastic bins.

My daughter is messy and lately I can't keep up with it.

Sara said...

It sounds like you are making nice changes. I like to move things around all the time too - but that just makes sense as your kids are growing and changing what they need.

patience said...

I'm always moving things around. I love change ;-)

ZILLA said...

You don't sound organiwhatchically challenged to me. You don't sound "challenged" in any way except good ways.

You're a collector of old things, and therefore a preserver of history.

You're a visually oriented person who has created a home that's warm and rich and inviting.

You're an efficient and thoughtful and responsible and resourceful consumer -- finding and re-using plastic toys, rather than throwing hard earned money at full priced plastic toys at Toys R Us or Walmart, and then putting those plastics back into circulation when they're no longer useful to you, is just one example.

You're industrious well beyond the scope or interest of the average American.

You do want some fancy things -- you'd just rather make things "fancy" yourself than replace that which is perfectly serviceable with some ... mass produced notion of "fancy."

YOU USE YOUR LIBRARY CARD, fercryin' out loud!!!

And Princess has Lincoln Logs made out of honest to goodness WOOD!

Nope, no, no, no ... you're not "challenged," organizationally.

You do have a lot of stuff, and you'll either make it all fit, or prioritize what must stay and what must be sent back into the world to serve someone else.

Because you're gifted, organizationally, and otherwise.

Can't wait to read about the results :-)

Mushy1127 said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. How boring it is compared to yours! You inspire me!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I love change and love free stuff. Zachary always asks " Did you get that at the trash?" LOL Or usually, are you going to sell that? let me know how all the change goes.

Cher Mere said...

I can't say it any better than Zilla did. :)

Kate in NJ said...

You Gals are the best!
I feel so much better today, and some
of the house is even neater. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cher, I can't say it better than Zilla. Who is Zilla and can she come to my blog and make me feel like a million dollars. Wow!

Just last week, Si was playing with a puzzle book and dh noticed that he actually put a few pieces together. I mentioned that I got the book at the Goodwill and my dh looked at me and said, "do you shop anywhere else?" lol, then I realized that I truly hadn't been to a retail store other than the GW and the grocery store in more than the two months that we have lived here. I love finding things for the kids at the GW. We play with them for a time and I redonate them. It gives me such a charge to think that I haven't purchased anything new (and thus haven't added to the world's burden) but then when I re-donate it another person is going to buy it and save the planet even more burden. GW in Seattle has a new add campaign, Good Will for a Good Earth.

All that said, if you have too much stuff (and I suspect you do ;) ) you aren't organizationally challenged you just have too much stuff. We have very little and I still find it a challenge to manage what we have. Less is easier. Homeschooling creates so much stuff and now with a second child I feel like I need to keep all these good things for him. I'm swimming in HS stuff.

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Plato said...

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