Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some books to read on a Tuesday

Here is a sample of some of the books we have home from
the library right now....


I am a bit surprised that Princess has enjoyed this as much as she has.
She picked it out at the library, and has spent a lot of time looking through it.
She says it reminds her of playing Poseidon on the computer.

A Perfect Father's Day
This book is a perennial fave around here..Father's Day would not be the same
without it. The little girl "takes" her Dad out for lunch and fun at the park on Father's Day.
We all really crack up when she tells him that Mom is baking a special cake for a surprise
at home, because Princess cannot keep a secret AT ALL!! Especially from Dad. ;-)

Happy Birthday America

Another favorite..feels like a perfect Fourth of July!

My Shadow
A little girl who enjoys playing with her shadow, gets very upset
when she "loses" it on a cloudy day.Princess loved the drawings of
the animals, and it inspired us to try a lot of shadow fun around here.

the Dumpster Diver
We got a big kick out of this book about
three kids and their neighbor teaming up to make stuff out of
the treasures they find in dumpsters behind their alley.

Whopper Cake
Who could resist a book that begins with the words...
Today is Grandma's birthday,
and Granddad has an itchin'
to bake a whopper chocolate cake
and traumatize the kitchen.
The cute illustrations made us laugh and there is a recipe we'll be trying in the back of the book.

An Island Scrapbook

We have really been enjoying this book!
It will go on our list of favorite "summer" books for sure!
Told in scrapbook form it takes you dawn to dusk on a barrier island.
Makes us want to head down the shore, although, I could do without
the Alligators of North Carolina.

the Flag Maker
This is the story of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner.
It is told through the eyes of young Caroline Pickersgill, the daughter of important flag maker,
Mary Pickersgill.It was a bit too"wordy" for Princess, but she did enjoy the lovely watercolor paintings.

I have so many more books to write about, I may have to write another book post this week.


Gottfredsen said...

Great Books. I am heading to the library tonight. I will have to see what I can find. Sam will especially love the Flag maker one. Gabe most likely will be whopper cake. Thanks

8)(8 said...

I will have to look for that last book.

Forte said...

These look great! We own teh one on Pompeii. I need to look for a few of those though!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

OMG I am so getting the Dumpster Diver book. I am a dumpster diver LOL My best friend and I are both dumpster diver and I will have to get this book for her. LOVE IT!!!!

Cher Mere said...

Good reviews. Thanks.

I think that dumpster diving book sounds interesting.

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