Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Book Post

Ella Sets the Stage

Ella wants to be a part of the talent show,if only she could figure out what her talent is.
Princess really enjoys the Ella books, and we had a lot of fun reading this together.

Tracking Trash
Flotsam,jetsam, and the Science of Ocean Motion
This book chronicles the development of scientific studies done
by Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer which follows trash found in the ocean
and how scientists are using the information to help preserve the oceans.

An Egg is Quiet
We have been waiting for this book to be available in
our library for quite some time.Princess has been enjoying looking at all the different types of eggs.
She especially loved the pictures of all the egg laying creatures in the back of the book.

Andrew's Angry Words
Andrew's sister trips over him and sends his toys
flying everywhere.He gets really angry and yells
the ugliest bunch of angry words anyone has ever
heard at her. She makes a call and yells the angry words
into the phone, Andrew (who regretted the angry words the moment they were shouted),
runs over to the friend's house to try to stop the words, and the story unfolds with him chasing
the ugly angry words all over.He finally finds a wise woman who puts an end to the ugly angry words,
and shows him how to retrace his steps and spread nice words instead.

Way Up High in a Tall Green Tree
Way up high in a rainforest tree, there is lots and lots to see.
This was a fun rhyming book filled with rainforest animals
From the same people who brought us
Way down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea, the book ends with the little girl
snug in her bunk bed surrounded by her stuffed animals.
We love using our imaginations around here,
so this is right up our alley.

One More Sheep
A great counting book.
O n a wild windy night, Sam brings home his sheep and tucks them up tight,
he starts to count them, but keeps falling asleep. Then, a knock on the door brings
one sheep more, or is it? The sheep try to keep him awake long enough to count them all and realize
this is a dangerous and cunning stranger..not one more sheep.

When Fish Got Feet, Sharks Got Teeth, and Bugs Began to Swarm
A cartoon prehistory of life long before dinosaurs.
We enjoyed going back to Pennsylvania 430 million years ago,
and then speeding up 80 million years to see how things changed.
Princess thought this was a pretty cool book.

FOLLOW THE LINE through the house
This was a fun book. We stepped inside a house and followed one long continuous line.
Picking a snack, trying on clothes. Scattered among the toys etc, are questions that
invite the young line followers to count, match colors, and types, identify shapes,
and use their imaginations.

This is a story about a father and a son and a big, raspberry-colored,
fun-loving, troublemaking best friend who brings them closer together.
Princess loves her imaginary friends, and we enjoyed this book.


Stephanie said...

We love the Way Up High and Way Down Deep books. I can't read them though, I'm only allowed to sing them.

Gottfredsen said...

Of course excellent books as usual. The ocean themed one and the prehistoric themed one sounds perfect for the boys. The Line through the house sounds fun to. Thanks can't wait for the library tonight.

Sara said...

We are reading "When Fish Got Feet" right now, and we love it too.

Anonymous said...

We sure could use Andrew's Angry Words! We love the Way Up High books.

Glad you finally got Egg is Quiet. It is wonderful. Have you had A Seed is Sleepy, one I think your family would like even better.

Angela said...

THey sound so lovely. Back to the kid's shelves!

Wendy Hawksley said...

My goodness, I love her ambition when it comes to reading. I was such a reader as a child, and still am. I hope to instill that same love in my son, when he is ready to read!

Well, we're in the same general area, so it looks like we'll all be experiencing the same heat wave. Stay cool!!!

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Plato said...

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