Saturday, June 28, 2008


and the living is least that is true if
you are the Prince and Princess of the Burbs.
We had dinner at my Grandmother's with some
of the family on Thursday night, and Friday was our friend's birthday,
so we went there for lunch and some splash time.
Her son,( known by my readers, as "the Prince")
and my daughter always play so nicely together. They will
tell you they are "best friends" and that they are getting married one day.
This was not one of those days. They were no in agreement in how to play
and so they bickered a bit more than usual for them.

They got over it just in time for it to be hard for us to leave,lol.
Princess fell asleep on the way home, and I carried her in to the house.
She stayed with Farmer Dad while I went to pick out some new "old" stuff
from a lady he met, and then he went to jam and we picked up dinner and hung
out at home playing and reading and watching the movie "Ant Billy".
It was a nice evening. This morning we had breakfast at my Grandmother's
before my Aunt headed back to Denver and then came home to set up our tent
for tonight's National Camp Out.
It was hot, so we came in for lunch. Our plan is to head outside after the Yankee game
the fire pit is ready to go and we have plenty of snacks on hand.


8)(8 said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun and a way to stay cool!

Tammy said...

I'm visiting other homeschool blogs tonight...this looks like SO much fun and my girls would just love playing there!

My girls are almost nine and six, and we've been homeschooling for there years. My blog isn't a "home school" blog exactly, but I do occasionally talk about it there!

Fun visiting here and hope to come back...please feel free to stop by my place and say hi!


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Plato said...

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