Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gardening,cooking,and rockin' out

That about sums up what we've been doing lately.Loving our peas!
Friday we hosted a play date with our homeschool
friends, and Princess showed them how to pick
radishes and asparagus.After their tearful goodbyes,
the three of them always hate to be parted, we headed
down to meet other friends for a mr ray concert.Princess
was so tired, she actually fell asleep in the car! This is very rare
around here. She had a great time at the show and so did we.The kids all took turns tossing pennies into the fountain to make a wish.
We made a pizza (and a cinnamon filled bread for breakfast
on Saturday) when we got home as we were all still just a bit hungry.We found
Pumpkin doing this when we went into Princess's room for her bedtime stories.
Saturday, Farmer Dad and I got up with the sun and enjoyed coffee
and the sweet bread in the 3-season room in the cool of the morning.
We got some things done in the yard and did a little prep for an upcoming
yard sale. Princess woke up in a great mood, and we headed up to the
community garden to do a little work there. Princess and I were too hot
and cranky to work, so we played Uno in some shade we were able to improvise
from an umbrella left in the car and our lunch bag. We only spent about an hour there,
before coming home to hang out for a bit. Driving down our street, Princess spotted a
"bouncy" horse toy at a yard sale, she has always wanted a "pony", so we walked up
and although it was old (or was it because it was old?) she had to have it. The man sold it
to us for the five I had in my pocket, and threw in a My Little Pony doll and a pair of girl's sunglasses too.
His daughter came over as Farmer Dad put it on our wagon and told us it had been hers (she was about my age) and she said goodbye to the horse and wished P. a lot of fun with it. We placed it outside in the shade and she has been riding it every few minutes ever since. We just drag it where the shade is all day.
We were settled down in the backyard enjoying it, when my sister called to say my Grandmother was
having a "D" moment and could I come over. Little Man was there with his Mom, so we both went and the kids happily played together while we talked to Gram.She was fine again when we left, and we're going to call again about grief counseling and hope she'll go this time.With all the excitement, we had a late night, and Princess and I both slept in. Today was hot and muggy all day. We played a bit, did some laundry and watched The Indian in the Cupboard movie on TV while F.D. watched baseball. We got a call about hitting the shore tomorrow,
so we're going. I am still going through all the papers I brought home from my Grandmothers,but going down the shore always makes me feel better!We are sitting here, preparing for our week, waiting for laundry to dry and
the Chinese food to be delivered.Here is a little late spring joy for you all...
soon the cherries will be as red as the cardinal.Here is one of the 8 thousand
chipmunks who call our yard home enjoying one of the cherries that fell on the ground.


Mrs. Darling said...

We just sold our rocking horse because our kids were getting too big for it but they sure are fun while they can still ride them.

Love that pic of the cat.

Kari Wright said...

sounds like a week chock full of variety....the best kind, especially when the sun is shining!
happy late spring.

8)(8 said...

What a busy weekend! That horse looks like a lot of fun. Sorry to hear about your Grandma.

Anonymous said...

I have envy all around. What a wonderful weekend with your family. Love the photo of P.

Cher Mere said...

Wow! That sounds so idyllic! The rocking pony is very cool!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

what a steal!!!!! We need some girl sunglasses over here.

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Plato said...

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