Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday 's Book Post

Today, I have it on good authority, is Tuesday.
Therefore, it is time to tell you a bit about what we've
been enjoying from our local library. One day soon,
I may have time to write a book post about some of the many
books that line our shelves, but for now....

Maria Molina and the Days of the Dead
Princess is slightly fascinated with the Days of the Dead
after seeing some pictures over at Mariposa last year.
This book tells of a little girl and her family in Mexico, remembering
her baby brother and her Grandmother who have both died.
She wonders what it would be like to live in America and celebrate Halloween
instead. Eventually, she moves with her family to America, and misses celebrating the Days
of the Dead in Mexico. Her family sets up an ofrenda (an altar) in their home (much like Ami had)
to honor their dead.Princess enjoys learning about how children around the world live, so this was
a great find for us.

Cranberry Autumn
The whole town of Cranberryport needs money for winter clothes and coats
and things, so they decide to clean out their attics and have a sale.
(you know we'd show up!)
Everyone had old things in the attic, old things
become scarce.They become antiques.
People come from all around to attend the sale, which is a big hit and
makes enough money for them to take care of their winter needs.
We enjoyed this book, although it did make us itch to attend a yard sale

or two. ;-)
In honor of the Presidential race, we have been reading
(with much glee)the very funny
George Washington's Cows
A silly story about how America's first President ended up
in politics. We giggled the entire way through it.

On a slightly more serious note we also read If I Were President.
This book opens with a brief introduction into how and what a president actually does,
and the rules about who can become president.Princess enjoyed pretending along with
the little girl in the story about how great it would be to be president.
Personal chef,bowling or movies without leaving the house,working together with other world leaders to make the world a better place for everyone,giving medals to people who had done brave deeds,
maybe getting your face on money.
I think it did a pretty good job of "teaching" a good deal about the presidency without it feeling like a "lesson". Our favorite line...the last one of course.

And who knows? Someday I just might be president of the United States!

It could happen, many past presidents were homeschooled you know. ;-)


zilla said...

Okay, so, you know I always only skim the Tuesday book post because my kids range in age from 13 - 23, but this one along with some email flack I've experienced from a turncoat, inspires a question. Or two. I'm not sure; I haven't counted my questions yet.

1) Generally speaking, are contemporary Republicans more likely or less likely than contemporary Dems to support homeschooling? (I seriously don't know, which is a big smudge on my own public education, I'm sure.)

2) Which presidents are on the home-schooled list, and which parties did they belong to?

That was three questions disguised as two.

You know how I am...

Kate in NJ said...

Z- I am not sure which group supports homeschooling more, I would say

it is a matter of what homeschooling means to them and if they know anyone who does it..just like the general population.

In our state we have legislation being floated by a Democrat, not supported by either party

and the politician most against it and most openly supportive of homeschooling is also a Democrat.

There were 9 homeschooled presidents

George Washington, Federalist

Thomas Jefferson, Democrat-Republican

James Madison, "

John Quincy Adams, "

William Henry Harrison, Whig

Abraham Lincoln, Republican

Theodore Roosevelt, "

Woodrow Wilson, Democrat

Franklin D. Roosevelt. "

Wow! I hope that answers your questions,lol

I had to look up the parties..good for my education no doubt.;-)

8)(8 said...

We have had our Day of the Dead Books out for about a week now. Ami's great grandfather's birthday was this month and when he died several years ago he died in this month so it always gets her thinking. And this year we have another dear one to remember. Dia de los Muertos has wonderful meaning and purpose to us. THat is really sweet and neat that P remembered.

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Plato said...

Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child's natural bent .