Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Book Post

Desser the Best Ever Cat
This is a story about a cat, and the family who loved him.The little girl grows up with him, he becomes too sick to go on...they explain his passing so well,they bury him under his favorite tree with his toys (this is what we did with our Hootie) and later, they go to the pound and get a kitten for the little girl. It happens to be an orange kitten (like our pumpkin) Princess especially liked the way the little girl showed her new kitten her old cat's pictures, and told the new cat all about her old cat. So very like how she does with Pumpkin about Hootie.
You'll need a box of kleenex nearby for this one.
For Patrice and Annie.

Why Do Leaves Change Color?
We always enjoy the Let's Read and Find Out Science series.
This is another great one.All about why and how leaves change color.
Activity ideas included.
Today we will get some leaves and make a leaf rubbing.

Ruby and Bubbles
This is a bubbly story about a girl named Ruby, who takes a
break from her very busy life with a full time job,her own talk show, and twins ;-)
to do a little shopping one day.She walks into a pet shop with a dream and comes out
with a bird.Princess likes birds, and she enjoyed this story.
Except for the mean neighbor girl who makes fun of Ruby.

Minnie's Diner
This book starts out ..
Across the farm one sunny day,
bellowed the voice of Papa McFay:
"There'll be no eatin'
till your work is through.
Step lively boys
There's much to do!"

But Papa forgot there was nothing finer
than the scrumptious food at Minnie's Diner.

And soon,down the road from Minnie's kitchen,
wafted a smell that got the boy's itchin'.

Each brother arrives at the diner twice as hungry as his brother before.
Princess really enjoyed this "
fun book with math in it".

Help Me,Mr Mutt!
Expert Answers for Dogs with People Problems
You will have to excuse the pun, but Princess and I howled with laughter
over this one! Doggies from around the country write in to Mr Mutt with
their complaints about their owners (and their cats) and Mr Mutt dispenses
advice along with diagrams and tips! The "Queen" also adds her two cents.

Happy Reading!


Jenny said...

I'll definitely be checking out Minnie's Diner. Not that I'm trying to teach CJ multiplication, but it can't hurt to introduce the idea in a funny way!

My Inspired Heart said...

Minnie's Diner sounds like a ton of fun! I'll be looking for it this week at the library :)

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Plato said...

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