Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday Monday

Princess and I spent the day at home, as we like to do on Monday.
We did a little math, read a lot of books, drew a little,started some
little wooden people (the glue is drying)

took care of the cats and crabs.We watched some t.v.,
and we walked out side in the yard, looking for new signs of Autumn.
We had some pizza

left over from Sunday's dinner for lunch.
Then she played with her play doh,

while I worked on
cleaning up a lot of saved favorites on our computer, and this morning
I was going to add some great sites to the blog list, however...my bookmarks folder is "empty".
I'm not sure how, they were here when I went to bed, but they are gone today.
Maybe Farmer Dad will be able to "find them" when he gets home.
If anyone has a suggestion..send it my way..I'll take any and all help and advice.

I will be back with my book post in a little bit..I'm a little confused about where my
files have gone.


patience said...

Sometimes my bookmark folder does that too. I figure I must have tapped the wrong key. I just fiddle around until something happens. I wish I could give you better instructions! Your bookmarks will still be there, you just have to find them.

Cute wooden people.

Jenny said...

What a lovely stay-at-home day. We like to have those a couple times a week, too- or I do anyway. The pizza looks wonderful!

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Plato said...

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