Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thinking Thursday

I think today is Thursday.
We had a lovely day yesterday, filled with math

and art,
and social discourse.

We played in the sun
and harvested some tomatoes,peppers, berries and greens from the garden.

We snuggled and cooked together and took turns
reading aloud to one another. Today we are dealing with the laundry.
Oh yes, another lovely day in the Garden State.


Anonymous said...

I need to do more posts like this one. It is nice to see with photos what you are doing. That looks like an easier version of Monopoly. I should find it. Cate has mastered Uno thanks in part to your mention of it on the blog so many times. She loves to play it with my dh.

When I saw the drawing of the boy it reminded me of an old book that I'm sure P would enjoy called Rainy Day Kate by Lenore Blegvad.

zilla said...

The art portion of your day was my favorite :-)

(I have a small problem with Monopoly, a game taken much too seriously in my former hubby's family)

8)(8 said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day.

Randi said...

Homeschooling is the best, isn't it? :)

Lori said...

that does sound like a lovely day :^)

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Plato said...

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