Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday in the Garden State

My e-mail is down. I feel like I am cut off from the world.
I have so much to do today and I'm sitting here trying
to get my e-mail to open. Argh!!!!
I'm not digging Yahoo right now.
I have spent the last couple of days playing phone tag and e-mail
tag with my State Assembly over an Education bill that I am not
happy about, and a certain multi-national insurance/financial institution
that does not answer it's phones apparently because they are all off at a spa somewhere....
and trying to get Princess well before her sweet Prince's birthday party, which is tomorrow.
We spent yesterday doing this

and this

and this.

We read piles of stories, played games and puzzles,did laundry,maths ,including
baking pumpkin muffins and banana bread and talked and laughed and
cuddled and were just starting to feel good,
when Farmer Dad got home from work and was sick as a dog!

Seriously, the man has a serious cold. He took a a shower and went right to bed
where he stayed all night. Sleeping. He still did not look good this morning,
and yet he went to work. Hopefully he'll feel better, but I doubt it.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Becky said...

Hello Kate in NJ. :-) Thank you for stopping by my blog. Ideas are for sharing... no need to steal ;-)

Your little princess is gorgeous, smart as a whip too I bet. Sorry you are having the sniffles going around. I have a feeling My Love will be home early too.

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you Becky!

Anonymous said...

Hope your dh is feeling better by now and that P was able to go to the birthday party.

I sitting at Panera enjoying some time with my computer. My dh has another full week out of town next week so I am making him take care of the kids all day. They were sick all of last week. It was a nasty one for Si. He had a fever of 104. Yikes, he was so crabby.

I hope you are having a pleasant Sunday.

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Plato said...

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