Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friday through Sunday

in one little blog post! Friday we spent
the day with "the twins". My good friend's
a teacher in our town, and they had an in-service
day on Friday. Her girls spent the day with us.
An almost entirely unorganized "Camp Katie Day".
They are pretty busy most weeks, school, dance,
brownies, all on top of an already busy social life,
so I thought free play might be enjoyed more than an
organized day.However they did ask for a craft.
I supplied one. ;-)

We also made pizzas for lunch.

While the pizzas were in the oven, they
worked on their Halloween Bat Finger Puppets.
The tradition is to eat in front
of the t.v. while watching a movie, and this time

Barbie's Mermaidia was agreed upon.
It can be hard to get a three way tie.
About half way through they decided to act out

the movie instead of watching it. Then I decided it
had become nice enough outside to go play, so we did.

They played with the doll houses in the 3 season room while
I chatted with their Mom upon her arrival. It was another good play date!

Saturday, Princess and I went to a local theatre for their free "cookies and milk" series.
We had a great time, although she was a little upset by a girl about her age in the audience
who insisted on sitting directly in front of the performers set up, and proceeded to pull out
a hand held video game DURING the performance. WT? I had to restrain her from going
over to reprimand the girl herself.Finally, the mother sent her son down to remove the
game from the girls hand. Princess still wanted to go over and explain why she should listen to
the musician."This is good music..what's her problem?"
We stopped at a dunkin donuts on our way to the parking lot and got a treat, and stopped to check
out one of the old churches in the area. Princess loves these big red doors.

Farmer Dad was working around the back yard when we got home,

so we hung out with him for a bit and then it rained.
We all went inside and spent a cozy afternoon and evening, eating, watching Halloween movies,
and playing board games together. Sunday has been much the same.
We have a pot of gravy on the stove and snacks ready for the football game.
I will be back Monday with an unplugged project, and I'll show you something awesome I got in the mail this


Mrs. Darling said...

Busy fun filled days! I like how suddenly it became warm enough to play outside! Yep, I know how that happens. Lol
Your little Princess has such a good life. She is blessed.

Steph said...

LOL - "What's her problem?" So funny! Love the outfit with the tights and the posh boots... cute!

Naomi said...

the kids at the noon session were maniacs. one kid kept randomly screaming for no apparent reason. then him and his siblings decided to run up and down the stairs behind the musician and behind the concession stand. finally one of the people working there had to stop them since their parents were obviously incapable of actually being parents. loads of fun. at least the peanut enjoyed it.

zilla said...

You're still using your awesome-sweet white and red table for EVERYTHING :-)

I like Princess's sense of consideration. And her fashion sense reminds me a little of me at that age :-)

Tara said...

The bat finger puppet activity is a keeper- we'll give it a try. Sadly my soon to be 8yr. old boy isn't as fond of crafting as he once was. :(

Tara said...

The bat finger puppet activity is a keeper- we'll give it a try. Sadly my soon to be 8yr. old boy isn't as fond of crafting as he once was. :(

Jenny said...

What a fun day! I love the idea of eating pizza and watching a movie. The performance sounds like something I'd like to take CJ to someday...except for the child with the video game. What's the world coming to?!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Pizza and watching a movie is my favorite. Especially when the kids make the pizza.

8)(8 said...

Oh the story about the girl in the theatre reminds me of Ami. She is usually more restrained now, but when she was younger, stuff would come out of nowhere.

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