Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesdays post is always about books....

this week is no exception.
Here are a couple we are reading right now...

Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly
Princess has been waiting for our library to get this book in.
Last night I picked it up and we must have read it 10 times
already.I think she is going to add this to her Birthday Wish List. ;-)
Nancy has to miss her best friend's butterfly themed birthday party
to go to her grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary party.
First she moans and groans, and stays very angry, but once there,
she has a extraordinary night. They even get to the local Butterfly Garden

Taking a Bath With the Dog and other things that Make Me Happy

Sweet Pea is unhappy, can she discover what makes her happy?
Everyone has a different answer in this fun book that sure put a smile on our faces.

Lettice The Flower Girl
One day Lettice gets a note from her dance teacher,Giselle,
asking her to be a flower girl in her upcoming wedding.
Princess was as delighted as Lettice to see Giselle's wedding dress and
all the finery that goes with it. There is a bit of excitement when the ring bearer
loses the wedding ring, but Lettice helps make it a perfect wedding day.

Has Anyone Seen My Emily Green?
Who could resist this rhyming delight
of a Daddy looking for his daughter
at noon (right between morning and night).
Not I, and not Princess either.


Gottfredsen said...

Sounds like some great books. Have you read the Lettice one where she learns to dance. It is really cute.

Anonymous said...

Those Fancy Nancy books are hard to resist. I liked the Bonjour Butterfly better than the Posh Puppy.

Taking a Bath with the Dog is by the same illustrator as Bounce which I loved. Looking forward to checking it from the library. Thanks.

Kate in NJ said...

H- no, but I will look for it!

N- I agree about the puppy one, we don't have that one..I really don't want a dog, so I thought best to not encourage that.;-)


Stephanie said...

We're enjoying Fancy Nancy books at our house right now, too :)

We have "Where's My Darling Daughter" by Mij Kelly checked out right now. It's about a daddy looking for his daughter and she's on his back the entire time. Very cute :) I'll have to look for the Emily Green book.

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