Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday and the weather is lovely

way too lovely to sit inside at the computer.
I have cleared out and cleaned out and re-organized most of my kitchen cabinets.
There is still much to be done around here. I brought in a HUGE basket FULL
of green beans that must be canned. Really..I am quite tired of eating them this week.
I still have tomatoes to pick and process, but my arms were too itchy to continue
from all that "keep away from me" toxin Tomatoes put out.
Maybe in the morning. We did do a bit of learning around here today, as Princess
is still obsessed a bit with sharks and wanted to watch some documentary or other
on demand (Animal Planet) today about them. We also read a bunch of shark themed books.
I will do another post about them- mine got deleted when I tried to fix it and post it.
My error...I am not exactly technologically advanced.
I also spent some time today going through all our books kept in the 3 season room
aka the schoolroom. Princess has been very agreeable to my getting some work done
without her underfoot and has made herself useful a time or two as well.
She helped alphabetize the movies and went through her book basket to see if there were books to
donate to a friend we made through freecycle for her students. She teaches in an inner city area,
and they often do not have books in their home. She likes to send books home with them when she can.
She also built a castle for the kitties, "reorganized" all the drawers in her room, sorted, and folded laundry,
helped make lunch, helped wash dishes and polished the living room furniture. We also moved the acorn squash down to the basement and cleaned out the fridge. We could continue our great progress towards a more orderly
and clean home tomorrow or we could blow it all off and go down the shore.
Stay tuned. I may even get the ability to post photos back.....


Gottfredsen said...

Sounds like things are being producive around there. I really have got to get some major cleaning and organizing done around here. I hope that you enjoy your lovely weather. I am off to let Gabe play in the tub. He got his cast off yesterday. YAH!!!! Have a great day.

Brit said...

I really admire how much you let P help you with everything. I was raised with the feeling that I was only in the way when mom was cleaning, so I guess I have started to feel the same way with Ri. "I can get it done faster by myself." But I really should include her more, since she always does want to help, and what a great way to talk and spend time together.

amanda said...

Wow, you have been busy. It sounds like P is a great little helper, too. I am in envy of your home-grown veggies, but my it sounds like a lot of work this time of year. It will pay off all winter I'm sure.

Jenny said...

I really need to do some cleaning out and reorganizing myself- desperately! Good for you for having such a productive week!

Cher Mere said...

Wow that sounds like such a good day! (I am kinda into organizing). How nice that Princess helped you so well.

8)(8 said...

Wow, you both were busy. It is neat that she was able to accomplish so much. Ami was into sharks. I will have to look around and see what she read.

zilla said...

Further re-organizing can certainly wait a day. You've earned a day at the shore! Go, Kate. GO!

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