Saturday, August 9, 2008

The County Fair

Friday found Princess and I cleaning a bit,
and hanging out reading a lot. We also played
7,520 games of UNO.
I'm not exaggerating...she really likes UNO.

Saturday we headed over to the fairgrounds
for the Middlesex County Fair. It feels smaller
ever year now, but we still had fun.
The small animals were first..lovely ducks and chickens
and bunnies..of all sizes.
Princess got cotton candy and we got in line
for the ride tickets.One strip, and we were off.
First we both went on the Dragons....another
little girl joined us in our dragon and they had fun screaming together.
Next was this big slide thing that was a waste of 3 tickets to me, but Princess loved it.
Then she went on a couple of rides with another little girl and then we
had run out of tickets, so back in line and then she hit up the last ride with a different "friend".
Remember when you were young and all other children were automatically your "friend"?
Then we got lunch..a couple of slices of pizza, a couple of hot dogs, some lemonade, and
a spot in the shade. We were seated near the ag tents, so we went in to see who won blue ribbons
for growing what. This is the point of the year when we say..."we should have entered....our stuff looks better
than this stuff." . Princess played a "game" with an older women manning the table and she gave her a choice
of seeds to grow and enter next year. It was nice to hear them talk when she asked P. if she went to school,
and P said "no, I am homeschooling". Normally we get confused sputtering, or worse, but this lady said " are my grandsons." and then they talked about what she likes to testing..just an assumption that she was enjoying learning.We took our prize of bean seeds, and headed over to the pony rides.
Then we needed to hit the carousel, which P almost never enjoys, but always insists on doing.
We got ice cream (frozen waffles are NOT the same) and stopped to see more animals.
Petting the baby cows and sheep and goats was my favorite part of the day.
Then we walked over to the "rodeo show". It was a bit odd.
It seemed like the people running it were unaware that we still have agriculture and livestock..especially horses in NJ. "This is a horse"...there was a lot of snickering from the audience.
We picked up some info about 4H for Princess and headed home.
We snuggled up on the couch and finished our cotton candy......


Wisteria said...

My children loved/love Uno. It is a bit addictive.
Looks like you had fun!

patience said...

Heads up - is that YOU I see there??!! At last! Oh how pretty you are! You have P's bright shining eyes, dont you? So nice to see you :-) And what a lovely day you had.

reprehriestless warillever said...

It looks like everybody had fun at the fair. I can't wait to go, but ours is still a month off!

Cher Mere said...

We love UNO too! Try Fluxx sometime.

Is that you in the pictures?? It is cool to see you (if that is you.) :)

Your fair looks nice, a lot like the one we just went to.

ZILLA said...


A favorite, second only to Scrabble!

Cotton candy!!!

I could live on cotton candy. (Just ask Wisteria.)

I should have gone to Cherry Festival or to our county fair. If I get a hankering for cotton candy, I'm going to be stuck with that flattened, chemical-tasting kind they sell at the video store.

Are you going to do 4-H?

What kind of seeds to P get???

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all ladies..
Yes, that is my mug in the pictures with P...I'm usually behind the camera.
Oh Patience...((hugs)) are too kind. I hate having my picture taken.
I will have to look out for Fluxx,Cher.Thanks.

8)(8 said...

That looks like it was a really fun day.

Anonymous said...

I don't like having my photo taken either. :) You look absolutely wonderful in the photo. You look just as kind and supportive as your emails. ((hugs))

And boy, you must have great stamina to keep up with P. Your day at the fair looked fun and busy.

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