Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Science Curriculum

We are joining our homeschool group
for Science this year. The curriculum chosen
is Real Science for Kids.
Today was our first day, and I think the kids did
real well. I thought they would be more restless and
interrupt more, but they were great.
Princess was the most disruptive in my opinion.
She wanted a snack, she got mad at me for asking her to quiet
down and wait until the lesson was done. She didn't like the
way I wrote the date, but would not write it herself.
She did enjoy the lesson- today we began with "what is alive".
As always, it was nice to have time to talk to the other Moms
and Princess especially enjoys playing with the "littles".
She has been asking more and more for us to have another baby.
If Farmer Dad would stop encouraging it, I might make it through
menopause without having another one.
I did not get one picture today, so you'll just have to trust me that we had a wonderful time.


8)(8 said...

Hi, Kate.

Maybe she was just excited?

If I understand correctly, that's neat that your husband wants another, (even though you don't).

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I'm not sure if he does, he is perhaps willing to "take one for the team"..the "team" being Princess. lol

zilla said...

"Take one for the team," eh? That's going down in history as the single best ever synonym for ... ahem.

Don't be too hard on Princess. Getting back into the swing of school has got to be a challenge, even for the fortunate few homeschool kids.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kate! We're finally getting back into our wonderful Jersey life. When we were in California for nearly 6 weeks, we realized this is our home, too, and were very ready to come back. We will have to see if the LSC will do another hs day for us, the kids have been bugging me for a year now to get back. :>)

Cher Mere said...

LOL, you're funny! Princess at science class sounds like Z these days. :(

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Plato said...

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